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  1. S

    Vf hsv steering wheel onto vy

    As per title I have found a vf hsv steering wheel without a airbag or buttons does any know if it would fit a vy or if anyone has done it how did you do it?
  2. S

    Ls1 compression

    Heyy all, I am looking to boost my compression right up to make a very tuff NA car, something like a sprint car engine. I have done the cam already with a custom grind cam shaft (unsure of specs) heads have been machined and all head work done! Car made 398hp atw Has anyone ever gone over...
  3. Jonrambo

    VY SV8

    Hey guys, new to this forum. guessing most of my questions have already been answered but... Just bought a mint SV8 with 150k on the clock. Looks brand new. Very happy with her. Its my first 8! :) So I am not a big fan of badges... Pulled them all off except the front grille badge and the boot...
  4. C

    vy manual window winders

    plz help , rear window winders on my vy 04 SV8 just go round and round , pulled off door trim and and couldnt see anything broken . Winder cables are tight but handle just spins. Anyone know how to fix them?:
  5. L

    My 02 red SV8 :)

    Name: Jake. Model: VY SV8. Color: Red. Engine: LS1 5.7 Auto. Mods: Full 2.5 inch exhaust with pacemaker extractors, mafless tune, OTR, brand new gearbox fitted with shift kit, brand new diff with 3.9s fitted. Power: 331rwhp 1/4 mile: 12.97 at 108mph :) Wheels: 18" speedy something lol...
  6. albert5268

    VYII SV8 6 spd

    Hi everyone... well it's been a long time (since 2005) that I've been looking for a new car and finally I have one. Model: 2004 VY Series 2 SV8 Engine: 5.7L Gen III V8 Transmission: 6 speed manual Colour: Red Hot Factory extras: Rear power windows, side airbags Future mods: (Green means done...