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  1. H

    l67 back to L36

    hey guys hope everyone's well, as for my inquiry, this ones slightly of a different nature. I'm currently in the process of reversing a standard l67 swap in a VX, Long story short iv'e bought a short l36 engine and used the trans and torque converter off the super 6, retaining the l36 flywheel...
  2. Adrian's Vr

    5L swap questions

    Im thinking about putting a 5L in my vr, but im tossing up as i have a manual v6 (loom and ECU) with heaps of cash put into it and a $600 clutch, so i dont know if i should put a v8 in as idk what will cost me more in the future and what is actually fatser, also some people say a v6 clutch fits...
  3. H


    Good morning ladies and gentlemen I was just wondering what is the best way to put a car in your name when swapping with someone else? When I bought my car the Service SA form didn't ask me for my mode of purchase only how much I paid for it any help is greatly appreciated cheers
  4. VS Commodore with S14 Zenki Grill/Lights

    VS Commodore with S14 Zenki Grill/Lights

    Ive always wondered what this would look like. they look so similar
  5. jprior2912

    Manual Conversion - VZ Alloytec

    Hi all, I have the opporutnity to purchase a written off VY commodore (t-boned) that has had a manual conversion. I have a VZ executive and was wondering if I bought it, could I swap the gearbox in it to the manual form the VY, or, because it's an Ecotec motor, are they different...
  6. V

    Swapping a full stock exhaust with a full exhaust system+extractors

    I have a auto vy s pac with a exhaust system and the extractors but i have just bought a manual vy s pac that has only got a stock exhaust im just wondering roughly how much it would cost to get the 2 exhaust swapped over from each car thanks
  7. S

    Vy 3.8 engine swapped with vu 3.8 won’t start

    hey guys Just helped a mate swap his blown engine out of his vy Ute and put a vu 3.8 in but used the vy ecu and harness and she won’t start there plenty of fuel getting to it there’s spark and it turns over what could be the issue?
  8. Hannah B

    Putting SV6 engine into Equipe Ve series II 2011 ?

    Hey need some help here, basically i know basics about cars but when it comes to engines i have no idea what i'm talking/reading about. Long story short, my Equipe ve series II 2011 has developed an engine knock and i've got a good mechanic who's been trying to find an engine to swap for me and...
  9. Ethan Bailey

    Turbo swap into a VH Wagon

    Hey guys, New to the forum, so g'day everyone. I'm thinking of purchasing a VH Wagon for a run about car and selling my (don't judge) 2011 FG XR6T Ute so put some money into a house I have just purchased. Has anyone swapped the old carby motor out for an EFI turbo? What is the best motor to...
  10. darrenvp23

    ln3 into a vp executive?

    hi I recently bought an second motor for my vp, after paying $50 I realized its an ln3 not an l27 I know they are different and I know the l27 is supposed to be better but is it possible to just "throw" the ln3 in or will I need to change ecu's wiring ect.?
  11. SS Flo Rida

    Has anyone cammed their VF series 2 yet?

    I'm booked for a cam upgrade for my VF2 W375 auto in July and wanted to ask if anyone else has changed their bump stick and how have you found it?
  12. K

    T5 borg warner gearbox difference help lol

    Gday guys first time as a member using this site and im really hoping someone can help me out with this question, Im doing a motor and gear box swap on my vr v6 commodore sedan, the motor that i pulled out of my car was from a vr calias hooked up to a t5 borgwarner "basic 1a" Im swapping...
  13. T

    wagon tail light swap

    Hey guys I have a ve wagon and noticed the other day that the vf wagon tail lights are slightly tinted, is it possible to switch the tail lights?Are they the same?
  14. N

    Engine replacement/rebuild. Need help.

    My 3.8 ecotec spun a bearing the other day on start up. And i am unsure if i want to rebuild this current engine or just buy a 2nd hand one. Or even to buy another type of engine all together. Im wondering what the cheapest option is, as i do want much more power out of my engine. And if i...
  15. W

    VZ SV6 Seat Swap

    Hi guys, I have a 2005 VZ SV6 and the drivers side seat cushion has collapsed. I have bought another drivers side and passenger seat from another VZ SV6 and am currently changing the seats over. I have just realised that the seats i have bought do not have the yellow clip that connect to the...
  16. G

    vt/vy engine conversion

    Hi, i have just been given a 2004 v8 ss ute i own a 99 vt v6 s i wanted to know if it is possible to put the v8 into my car due to the v8 being a writeoff if it is possible what complications will i hit. thanks :)
  17. D

    Crate motor build

    Afternoon gents, My name is Daniel, I'm an apprentice mechanic at Mazda and I'm looking into a big build for my next car. My current is a Mitsubishi FTO that I've built from ground up (non mivec shell with mivec engine swap and rebuild, gearbox rebuild etc) I also have an XD falcon (crappy...
  18. H

    Worth swapping? Vn manual wagon and vp Berlina auto for 5l vr caprice running gear

    Ok just chasing some honest opinions, I have two cars up for sale. Vn Manual Wagon and Vp Berlina Auto Sedan | Cars, Vans & Utes | Gumtree Australia Newcastle Area - Jesmond | 1040684545 Vn drives hard had for a couple of years sat in the driveway for the last year still throws you back in...
  19. jwoodsy

    My VE SS DIY Cam swap and post tune thoughts/experiences. L98 M6.

    Hey Guys, I just thought id share with you the path I took to getting my Cam installed myself and my thoughts after the install. There wasn't much around in terms of cam installs specific to VE's so hopefully this will help others out. Please note this is showing how I did my MANUAL Ute. If...
  20. Holden vz

    vz exec with sv6 interior

    hi guys planning on buying a smashed sv6 and putting the interior on my vz exec including the steering wheel,speed cluster,door panels does anyone know if the speed cluster of the sv6 would plug in or do i have to modify it? cheers :hmmm::idea::bow::confused::unsure:
  21. B

    [SA] Swap vt boot lid (tungsten) with spoiler

    wanting to swap a boot lid with an executive spoiler for a boot lid with no spoiler Model: vt/vx Colour: Tungsten (gold) Condition: good Located: Adelaide region, SA Contact: call or text anytime 0431 965 865
  22. J

    Quick question

    hey, I have a 2004 VY SS Ute (40,000k's, monaro bonnet, red leather seats, red dash, 19's, bit of work done on the suspension, cold air intake, and split exhaust out the back, sun roof and climate) and it's black and in great condition. I've been look at getting a 2006 SS-V sedan for a...
  23. V

    Vy auto engine into vt manual help

    Hey guys, im currently rebuilding an auto vy 3.8 (2003) engine with only 120,000km on it and i want to put it in my Vt manual with the getrag, is the sump difference an issue? or do i put my vt sump on the vy engine? I know i need to change the loom ect but is there anything else i should...
  24. D

    Engine swap, please help me

    Hi guys, i have a query. So i have a VS acclaim s2 and i bought it with a blown motor, i replaced the engine myself with another ecotec v6 that previously ran. The trouble is its not starting. What i know. Good battery, starter is getting power, plenty of fuel. When i turn the ignition a...
  25. A

    [NSW] VN Calais swap for VL Commodore

    ITEM: VN Calais 3.8Ltr V6 PRICE: Prefer swap for VL Commodore LOCATION: Cessnock NSW YEAR: 1989 SERIES: VN BADGE: Calais ENGINE: 3.8 Ltr V6 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: 2 tone grey EXTERIOR CONDITION: Exterior is in pretty good condition except one dent and some scratches over passenger...
  26. low vs

    [QLD] Chasin sum vl walkinshaw wheels or simmons,swap for 16" chasers with cash diff

    Item:mag wheels location:brisbane south condition:used price: Delivery/pick up info: pick up payment options: cash on pick up contact details: pm other info:im chasin sum vl walky wheels or sum 16"simmions,i have sum 16"chasers from a ve commo that have been modifyd to fit...
  27. H

    trannie swap?

    to start with i know what i propose is expensive and nightmarish when it cames to electronics so though crazy it's something i am truly dedicated to doing ok i have a vyII coming into my possession in the next few days, it was my fathers and he is leaving to travel around australia ( lucky...
  28. L

    [NSW] FS: 1995 vs with clubsport kit, central coast (near gosford), $2750 ONO,Rego till OCT

    ITEM: General car description PRICE: $2,750 ONO LOCATION: Central Coast, NSW (Tuggerah) YEAR: 1995 SERIES: VS BADGE: Acclaim ENGINE: V6 Ecotec TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: metallic Salmon (3 parts silver, 1 part Red) EXTERIOR CONDITION: Generally fine, no problems i can...
  29. tdirago


    ITEM: Want my car lower so if anyone is selling or willing to swap my SL's for some SSLs that would be great LOCATION: VIC CONDITION: New or Used either PRICE: 50 for SSL DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Mornington Peninsula - Melbourne PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds...
  30. DAVIDC

    [VIC] TRADE: 19inch Advanti's for VY Sigs or similar

    Item: Want to swap my 19 inch Advanti's for 19 inch VY sigs, or some other HSV/Holden rims. Location: South East Melbourne, Rowville. Condition: The Advanti's have only ever had 2 tires on them since I've had them, so there in good condition, I'd prefer the other rims to be in a similar...
  31. Josheh

    Senator Spoiler Questions

    Hey guys, Looking at buying one of these off ebay - HOLDEN VX SENATOR STYLE BOOT SPOILER BOBTAIL FIT VT-VX (eBay item 330522856002 end time 23-Feb-11 16:04:49 AEDST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats Just wondering a couple of questions 1. Will it use the bolts for my VX S Pac ? If not then I won't even...
  32. E

    [SA] vp calais

    ITEM: vp calais LOCATION: SA, gawler. YEAR: vp calais, 1992 SERIES: VP s1 BADGE: CALAIS ENGINE: 3.8 buick TRANSMISSION: 4speed auto COLOUR: white over grey EXTERIOR CONDITION: very close to perfect, 2 dents in the whole car witch are very un noticeable. INTERIOR...
  33. 9

    installing second hand vs ecotec. what i need

    hey people i bought a 1996 vs s2 acclaim wagon about a month ago for 500 just for something to get to work with and that had rego and dude let me drive under his rego till run out. but since then the engine has been running like **** and knocking or rattling on idle and gets even louder and...
  34. B

    diff swap questions for vs

    VS commodore exec series 2 live axle no abs about to replace noisy diff in vs, and cannot remove flange bolts connecting tailshaft to diff on my replacement diff that has remnant of cut tailshaft still attatched. So I have decided to cut them of with a grinder. Now if the same happens with the...
  35. M

    [SA] FS OR SWAP: 2001 Subaru WRX Wagon

    Hey, Looking at selling my WRX or swapping for something cheaper with cash my way! All the info you need is on my carsales link... ITEM: 2001 Subaru WRX Wagon ( REXXXY ) LOCATION: SA YEAR: 2001 Bugeye SERIES: MY01 ENGINE: EJ20 2.0l 4cyl turbo ( 161kws @ all 4 wheels )...