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sway bar

  1. J

    VF Holden SS Commodore Handling/Suspension upgrades

    Hey guys, About to launch into the world of car modifications with few rotors and pads, intake and full engine back exhaust, with a tune of course. Alongside this, I am also hoping to get a Kaaz differential in 3.75 or 3.9 - looking for some opinions there - and expected prices. I bought my...
  2. Mattricho

    Bent sway bar links

    Hi all what affect dose a bent swaybar link have on the car? I was adjusting my coil overs today and noticed that the passenger side swaybar link is bent and I’m just wondering if that could cause a vibration in the car over 105kmh. I thought it might have been a wheel out of balance but had...
  3. N

    Sway bar upgrade

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the front and rear swaybar specs for VF Series2 6.2L wagon (Calais V) Looking to stiffen up and whiteline (for example) seems incredibly excessive at 26mm solid front (as something tells me oem is 23mm front 18mm rear) I could measure but not sure if they are hollow or...
  4. Rixy26

    Single knocking sound when I push on brakes

    Hi everyone, first time posting on here, I own a '94 VR Berlina, I took my car out for a test drive with a permit as it is still unregistered, I noticed a single knocking sound coming from the front end when I push on the brakes and the steering wheel shutters also as I'm pushing the brakes, I...
  5. Countcribula

    What size SuperPro front sway bar D bushes do i get?

    My car is a 2006 VE Calais V V8, just wondering what size bushes i need for my stock front sway bar? thanks.
  6. DeadlySphinx

    05 VZ Exec Rear Sway Bar D Bush

    Hey guys, Replacing some bushings in my car atm, going with Nolathane, and am after the rear sway bar D bushes. It just has a stock sway bar, so what I need to know is, whats the size of them? (Car's at a mates while we do it, so I can't go look atm, and I'm impatient to find out lol)...
  7. A

    Bushes Quote. Need HELP!!

    Hi so my dad took my 1992 VP Commodore exec to a mechanic for a road worthy and was knocked back because the following needed to be replaced: Front caster rod bushes Front top sway bar rubbers Rear top control are bushes Rear pan hard rod bushes Rear sway bar o ring bushes Front P/S...
  8. nathanVY

    [VIC] Shed cleanout! 5x wheels, lowered suspension, sway bar

    LOT 1: 4X VS Calais Alloys (with tyres) + 1 spare (VP SS i think) 2x Pirelli - 205/65r15 94h (70%) 2x Goodyear - 205/65r15 94v (60%) 1x Dunlop - 215/60r15 94v (30%) LOCATION: Geelong, VIC CONDITION: Used PRICE: $90 for the lot. Open to offers and swaps PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit...
  9. 8

    VN Sway Bar Sizes

    Hello all! I'm new here (my name's Brody) - bought my 2nd VN commodore on the 01/01/09, and I'd thought I'd post a thread on the stabiliser bar sizes, as they are somewhat difficult to find. I'm looking to replace the D bushes, and if anyone can confirm the 'standard size' - because I dont have...