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  1. P

    VE Switch Start

    Just need some light shined on the start ignition. Now i know its poo but its my name. I'm wanting to have a toggle switch for the ignition (Key still in barrel, turn to accsessory but use switch to start the motor). i was thinking i'd be able to just jump on the wire thats the last turn on...
  2. onca

    YA oil pressure sensor question: Which one to buy?

    Hi Commodore Lovers, My VZ Failtec is getting the dreaded "check engine" error, my mates checker says it's the oil pressure sensor, now I'm getting intermittent "check oil" warnings even though oil level is good and no leaks, not running like a tractor, etc. (Don't worry I've been thru the...
  3. Tr3nchy

    VS V6 Ecotec overheating!

    I realise this has been similarly posted before but I’ve been through them all and wanted some personalised advice. My 1996 VS Equipe, is overheating, guy that owned it before me had removed thermo-fan relay and placed a switch from fuse box to dash, it worked well but is really annoying to...
  4. C

    Steering wheel controls

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here, great to be on board. VF SV6 2014 sedan.... I have searched here but cannot find - my cruise control swith which includes the roller and buttons either side, located on the steering wheel needs replacing. Has anybody done this? They appear they could just click...
  5. munty

    Power Window Troubles VS

    Been lurking these forums for years getting answers to my problems, just decided to make an account. I have a VS Sedan with power windows. right side drivers window would not go up or down, replaced motor at the mechanics to find it will only go down now and not up. So i was told a new switch...
  6. Jayne89

    Fog light switch size

    Hi, I have a vt clubsport which has the fog light switch in the dash below the headlight switch. My dash facia is cracked and I want to change it out but all the ones I have seen with the fog light switch already there are super expensive. I can get a normal vt dash facia without the hole...
  7. L

    What wires to use for a kill switch?

    VX Equipe I've been messing around with my car lately and I would like to put a kill switch on the ignition. The only thing is the videos I've seen for this the engine still cranks when the switch is on. What wire do I put the switch on so that the car wont even crank? Any pictures would be...
  8. N

    VT Commodore horn switch not working

    So I've had a bit of a look around and I can't seem to fins a solution for this, so I'm just going to ask. Pressing on my steering wheel doesn't sound the horn. The horn used to work when you pressed in a certain spot, but that doesn't work anymore. I've tried removing the screws at the back...
  9. J

    1990 VN Commodore Executive Immobiliser Help

    I Recently lost the keys and factory Immobiliser to my VN commodore. I Called a Holden Dealership to get the key code which then I went to the locksmiths and got a new key cut. I tried starting the car with that key but will not turn over and the red security light does not switch off. I can not...
  10. B

    CD Player won't turn off when door is opened

    My CD player usually switches off as soon as i open the door but recently it will stay on, so i close the door and then reopen it a couple of times till it turns off. I've looked around for some sort of switch that lets the car know when the door is open or closed but i can't see anything...
  11. Holden vz

    Another fogligt problem

    [IMG]http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/attachment.php?attachmentid=163289&d=1373467587 hey guys i am trying to connect my fog lights to the Holden SS pull out switch that i got of eBay because the fog lights are controlled by a simple on off switch,i got the wiring harness kit off eBay...
  12. Holden vz

    Wiring Problem Headlight Switch

    Hey Guys Ive recently put in fog light on my vz but it didn't have wiring so i got a wiring set of eBay everything is working but i wont to control the fog light of the ss headlight switch instead of the one provided with the wiring set i just want to know where to tap the switch wires into...
  13. Holden vz

    SS Headlight Switch Installation

    Hey guys just wondering how i remove the stock vz exec headlight switch, and wire up my fog lights witch have there own separate switch to the ss switch Cheers
  14. V

    VX indicators stay on, not flashing, intermittently

    Hi there, I've searched around here (after I hastily ordered a replacement indicator control stalk from Ebay ~$30 delivered) and it seems the hazard light switch going dodge can cause this issue. After reading that and putting hazards on and off it worked ok for a few minutes and then...
  15. C

    rocker switch light not working

    iv hooked up some leds in my car to a switch but i cant get the light on the switch to work does anyone know how to get them working
  16. S

    Vt Berlina '99 Duel fuel switching issue

    Hi guys, I have a 99 VT 3.8L Berlina on duel fuel. Recently the air flow control broke which i got replaced (a hefty $290) It was runnung smooth until the next day after the repairs. The car was running on Lpg and when i stop a little bit longer at the lights, the car stalls. So i start it...
  17. GIJoel

    LPG dash light with aftermarket Impco system

    Hey all, About a month ago I had an Impco duel fuel system installed in my VT Berlina. I know there's an LPG light on the dash, I'd like it to light up when I'm on gas, but have no idea how to enable it. I'd also like to replace the aftermarket fuel switch, with a Holden one, but I don't...
  18. P

    Rear Power Windows Won't Go Down Or Up In VT

    My rear power windows won't go up or down using any of the window switches. I just bought a new main power window switch too since the old one was ####ed. Can someone give me some advice on fixing this problem. My car is a 1999 Vt Series 1 Equipe if that helps at all.
  19. H

    Vy Auto Headlight Switch / Function not working!

    Hey guys, Recently when i switch to the auto head light function my headlights and interior lights are not illuminating, however my headlights do work when on the normal headlight function (so its not the globes). I've read that if all lights aren't working (headlights, dash, Gears) then...
  20. G

    9C1 Dash Fascia switch hookup

    Hi Guys its time to change the dash fascia on my VT, as its aged i brought an ex-police dash on ebay with original wiring loom for Dome Light would any one know where it plugs in what i've been reading, it might plug into the BCM but i'm not fully sure though one end has a inline fuse...
  21. B

    Vt Calais 98 model headlight issue/

    Hi, If some could help me with this problem it would be much appreciated. I have a vt calais 98 model, when i switch the headlights on and use high beams the right headlight dims (almost off) and also the same problem if i switch the fog lamps on the right headlight and right fog lamp dim...
  22. JSTCOZ

    LED button location suggestion?

    Hey Guys, Getting my LED lights put in my car tomorrow and hooked up to the accessories. Have 4 of them, one on driver's feet, passanger feet and under the front seats facing backwards. Just trying to figure out where to put the LED button, thoughts so far was to either place it in the...
  23. H

    Ignition barrel question

    Hi, the ignition barrel went on the VR and we've been using the screwdriver method to start it. Stuffed up with the ignition part the screwdriver goes in and this needs replacing. As per the attched picture, can someone tell me what the name of this part is, is it easy to remove, where can I...
  24. M

    VS Air Conditioning switch vaccum leak - where to look?

    When I turn on Aircon, all I get is a hiss behind dash and no cold air. I understand that all vents and aircon use vacuum to operate, so yes, I know I have a vacuum leak!! However, the vent controls all operate normally (using vacuum), and the hiss (leak) only occurs when the aircon is...
  25. F

    [VR-VS] How to change power window switch lights

    I'm intenting to change most of the illumination in my car to blue, rather than the ugly holden green, and given that one of my power window switch lights was out, i decided it was a good place to start. Cheers to Hozy for suggesting using 3mm LED's, they worked a treat. Also, before we begin...
  26. The Sicilian

    [NSW] F/S VX S Wheels/tyres, headlights, CD player, badges...

    Garage was getting full so this stuff has gotta go. Please note that if postage is required (wheels being the exception), I am willing to list the item on eBay upon buyer's request if they feel safer making a transaction through eBay for security reasons, however this will incur a small fee to...
  27. SamssuperVT

    need a vt calais headlight switch TODAY!

    can anybody help me out. i need a vt calais headlight switch today asap. if you have a spare one lying around and wanna get rid of it or sell it let me know. not too much though. MELBOURNE around the western suburbs plz thanx. msg me ur conctact details soo we can arrange pick up. gimmie a...
  28. <atomicL93>

    Cheap kill switch, would this work?

    Well last night i forgot to lock the back door, woke up and my car keys had disappeared off where i leave them, have searched everywhere and cant find them. bit worried now that it might get stolen. So i was thinking, if connected a switch to the wires that lead to the ignition fuse would that...
  29. P

    Headlights won't switch off please help

    I have a vs and the headlights won't off, I decided to disconnect the switch at dash and they still stay on does this mean the problem is not the switch? I have just pulled the fuse for now until I figure out what it might be?? thanks