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  1. H

    WL Caprice seat not reclining

    Hi my WL caprice drivers seat is not reclining i am assuming its the switch or the motor [ as the forward / front and rear tilts are working so not fuse / electrics ] can this switch be swapped out with my statesman donors one? it doesnt have the numbers / memory sports the caprice one...
  2. S

    bought a vt few problems. Whats covered by a roadworthy

    Bought a 1998 vt Calais last week. Car came with a roadworthy. Has a few problems. There is a piece of the rear windscreen seal about 20mm long missing (fogs it up quite badly) The car makes a high pitch whistling when the rear demister is on. Anybody know why?. the drivers door window...
  3. L

    Creating wiring loom and connecting to switches

    Hey people, wired up some of my lights over the last few days and thought some of you would be able to use this for installing things in your own car. Basically, this is how to make a wiring loom (lengths of wire wound up by tape) and then wire up an object with a switch. This How To is based on...