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  1. ReaperTBS

    2010 Calais - Head Unit

    Hi all, I've checked the manual, checked online, and checked in person, but still can't seem to determine exactly what model my head unit is in my 2010 Calais. I think it's the series 1 "IQ" head unit, but i'm honestly not sure. I'm considering changing head units, primarily because (due to...
  2. J

    Exhaust System VY

    I have a VY Series 2 Calais and I want to get an exhaust system thats got a loud-ish sound, deep note but thats not to loud so that it won't get cops bugging me and so it won't do my head in when I'm cruising. Don't think I need a stainless system, I live in Victoria and the hottest it gets...
  3. I

    2012 VE SV6 Z Series

    Hey guys, Just thought i'd post incase anyone has any question! Im getting a new sound system done soon! @ Performance Car audio in bayswater, Melbourne! The set up will be as follows: Remove front middle dash Speaker (distorts like a crazy grandma) Front speakers - Alpine SPR 60C...
  4. C

    Best full exhaust system for 2009 SV6

    Just wondering what the best full exhaust system is for performance? I have a 2009 VE SV6.
  5. natesVZ

    Wanting more noise from V6 VZ AUTO. (05)

    sup. currently on red P. (VIC) wanting more noise out of my exhaust and all to give it a pleasing note. you guys get me... just wondering what systems you guys recommend and may have got experience with. :) Looking for food for thought. Links and stuff would go nicely with...
  6. H

    VN Wagon Speaker Size

    Hey, I'm just completing my sound system now, got the subs, amp, wiring kit etc... just up to buying some speakers, Now i know the front dash speakers in a vn wagon are 4" i believe, Anyone know what the rear speaker size is? I cant be bothered taking the carpet off the sides just to measure it...
  7. djdomohudson

    COOLANT system help needed

    I was going step by step with this article on flushing and refitting a new thermostat etc etc. But as I've just put it all back together this happened... :( The fluid is leaking out of here. I sort of knew it would because before I filled it, if I squeezed that tube there, it would bubble...
  8. adam sv6

    Phone holders

    hey guys was looking at some phone holder/charger kits for the ol commodore, but most to me look cheap or just arnt practical... so i thought i would find out if other ve owners have good ideas or maybe want to share their own system. My current phone kit sytem: For the time being, I have...
  9. pau13z

    VZ Alloytec 3.6L Water Pump/Cooling System Flush

    Hi all, I know this has been covered a bit before but I have a couple of questions that I think are valid... I've seen the workshop manual on how to change the water pump, but there are 2 things that I need to know. 1 - When changing the water pump do you need to first drain the cooling...
  10. N

    Sound System Suggestions for VE SV6 MY12 Commodore?

    hey guys, i heard the bose system in a porsche and it had a great amount of bass and crisp sound. is there a sound system i can get like it (without a subwoofer)?? will spend a reasonable amount of money. any suggestions?????
  11. C

    Sound System in VE SV6 Ute.

    Hi Guys I have a 2010 Sv6 ute. A sound system has been put in consisting of: Stock head unit Alpine Type R 6.5" components Alpine MRP-F600 Amp Pioneer premier slim sub 12" This gear used to be in my VZ ute and I needed the slim sub but since the VE has more space I no longer do. What...
  12. M

    Run out of Lpg

    I got a Vy Series II, it came with Factory fitted Dual fuel and has been running like a dream since the day i bought it , like i do a lot of kays on the freeway everyday and was wondering what happens if I ever run out of the LPG as we can only switch to Petrol when the RPM is above 1300, so...
  13. BakeTheTank

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - Problem

    Hey guys, I picked up my '04 VY Series II S Commodore, last year around september, and this little device came with it. I have no idea how to work it, or what model it is, considering there is no model number and i never received a manual either. So anyone have an idea how to work...
  14. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] Dual outlets on vt v6 performance

    quick question, couldn't find my answer anywhere. Stock V6 VT with exhaust outlet on each side, both pipes being 2.5 inch and left exhaust outlet going around fuel tank. Will this setup lower the performance because it has two 2.5" pipes instead of the sinlge i have at the moment...
  15. JSTCOZ

    Videos of V6's without mufflers?

    Hey guys, I see on the forums all the bagging out of guys with no mufflers (just a straight pipe) on their V6's and was wondering if anyone who has done it to their car could upload a video for me to hear one. Can't find any on youtube =/ . And i know people might start flaming for me asking...
  16. G

    VZ calais Audio

    My last car, my Subaru was stolen and the insurance money should be coming through soon, and with all the cash ive been saving i should hopefully have enough money to jump behind the wheel of a VZ calais by the end of the month if the rite one comes along. but now to the audio questions. i...
  17. V

    Sound System Help

    Hey guys, I have a vx commodore that I am trying to upgrade. The set up i am trying to do is use is a 4 channel amp for the two front door speakers and the two 6x9's in the parcel shelf. And then a 2 channel amp for the sub i have in the boot. I grounded both amps onto the child seat...
  18. V

    Ultimate street exhaust system VE 6.0L?

    Hi Everyone I am looking to modify my stock VE SS. I am not sure what exhaust to choose but i do want the best on the market. It has to be medium to loud sound nothing too loud but 3" is ok. Dyno results as proof would be much appreciated and all details of the exhaust and where you got the...