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t5 gearbox

  1. M

    Vt 304 into VL

    after some advice or anything I might need to know Bought a VT ss with the 304roller motor and T5. Wanting to put into my VL My questions; -Will my VL power steering rack fit? If not will the vt rack fit? -What K frame will I need? Can I use the VT k frame?
  2. S

    Vk wagon 308 t5 conversation

    Hi there I'm new to this page had a question I wanted to ask I have a 85 Vk wagon 308 with a mild cam that has a Aussie 4 speed in it at the moment thinking of putting a 5 speed in I've read falcon t5's work well and line up perfect with the original shifter spot? I'm wondering what model...
  3. I

    T5 conversion

    Hey guys I have a 1997 vt clubsport 5ltr 195i auto and was wonding if you can put a t5 manual gearbox in ? I can get a getrag conversion kit for the clubby but I've been told the t5 is better and stronger, if i was going to go a t5 ehat do i need todo in order to out a t5 in ?
  4. Scrubmonk

    [VIC] T5 V8 Clutch Cover

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Cover plate to suit 5L V8 with a T5 gear box LOCATION: Mildura, Vic. CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay postage. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Bank transfer. CONTACT DETAILS: PM, email- [email protected], call 0409554699...
  5. E

    VS SS Supercharged V8 T5 or T56?????

    Hey guys I've seen this question asked hundreds of times, but couldn't find the right answer for me. I have a VS ss with a supercharged 304 unsure the power but it is currently auto. I want it manual..... I have found a guy that will do the conversion with a T5 with a exedy clutch...
  6. Braydenreid

    [ACT] WTB VR Manual Clutch Fork

    DESCRIPTION: Prefer Wanted to Buy, but will swap if i have anything you need ITEM: 1993 VR series 2 manual clutch fork. pretty sure its a T5 gear box LOCATION: ACT CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: prefer post or pick up from canberra, but will travel about 250kms...
  7. VTEZN

    VT S2 5 Speed Gear Box noise

    Hey guys hope you can help me out with this anoying noise im getting from my gearbox. Its kind of a ticking noise, Kinda like the sound you get when your low on engine oil. I checked the oil it was full, though the texture of the oil was realy black and thin i diped my finger in it and the oil...
  8. Gilly91

    T5 Gearbox Making Scraping Noise VS Ute

    Hi, I have a VS Ute with a very noisy gearbox. Not sure what treatment it had by the prvious owner but im guessng not too nice. There is a noise coming from the gearbox that sounds like something is scraping on something each revolution it makes. I have put the car on jacks, put it in...