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t5 manual

  1. H

    memcal question

    hey im planning on putting the t5 manual hooked upto my buick in my vn into my supercharged ecotec vs wagon wat needs 2 be done wit memcals will it just work wit the memcal in the ecu for the eco or will i have 2 change it? if so will the memcal outta my vn work in the ecu for the supercharged...
  2. H

    wats the difference standard/supercharged blocks

    hi was just wondering if anyone new if there was any major differences between the internals of the standard ecotec block and the factory supercharged ecotecs they brought out in the vs statesmans also will the t5 ive got hooked upto the buick block bolt straight onto the supercharged ecotec...
  3. Schuey97

    MACE Memcal + Error 94

    Hey All I am currently trying to work out this problem with MACE, but thought I would also see if anyone else has had or come across this problem. I have a 95 VS Commodore with a T5 Manual Transmission. I bought a MACE Memcal and installed into the VS. The car runs awesome until you get...