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    VY T56 Reverse Lock out problems

    Changing gears from 4th to 5th sometimes I am getting a grind as it is going into reverse. What can I check to confirm operation please ie, fuse, solenoid, switches or just a sloppy linkage 160k on car. Thanks
  2. S

    Vx ls1 and T56 into VE

    Hi guys I've got a VE Omega (3.6 4 speed auto) and have access to a VX LS1 with 6 speed T56 (complete car). What to know if I can and what's needed to do the LS1 drive train conversion into the VE? Cheers
  3. J

    5 to 6 speed conversion

    Hey guys just wondering what work is required to convert from t5-t56 and 5 speed getrag-t56, my brothers is a 95vs ute which has a t5 trans in it mine is a 99 S3 vs ute getrag trans going. We both want to go to a 6 speed t56 trans so I'm wondering what work is required for each and how much. I...
  4. moocow

    WH LS1 Manual Conversion

    Hi all, So I'm looking at converting my LS1 WH Statesman to a manual. I have the opportunity to use a VY SS ute as the donor car, the ute would get my auto in return. As far as I understand, I'll need the clutch and brake pedals, the clutch lines, cylinder and reservoir, the flywheel, clutch...
  5. W

    VX SS Gearbox Shudder

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knows - my t56 has started to shudder at low speeds, ie idling around carparks etc when I depress the clutch and disengage gears, or rolling around in neutral. It's a pretty bad shudder. It still drives perfect, finds gears fine etc. Done 140,000kms...
  6. B

    input shaft cut down?

    Does anyone know where on the sunshine coast i could get an input shaft from a v6 getrag cut down to suit the 304? and bellhousing to suit would b great too

    Removing T56 from VY BASIC'S

    I need to remove my gearbox as 1st to 2nd crunching. Should I crack output shaft nut with box still in car? Thankyou

    castle headers ls1

    I've recently taken on ls1 and t56 conversion. Brought the whole kit from cae. The extractors I got were the 4 into 1s with 1 7/8" primarys. The question I have is, has any one been able to get those exact pipes to fit? Mainly drivers side.
  9. triple b

    [NSW] T56 VY Manual Conversion+VZ R8 Seats+More

    ITEM: VY T56 manual conversion, all gear has 130,xxxkm on it. Everything is pictured below. LOCATION: NSW Moorebank 2170 CONDITION: Used PRICE: $1800 Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick UP PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email on [email protected]
  10. J

    VY Adventra LS1 - RWD manual conversion

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to convert my AWD Adventra LS1 to rear wheel drive only. I would like to do a manual RWD conversion using a T56 box and run a conventional RWD commodore setup (getting rid of all the AWD stuff). OR I am considering keeping the 4L60E auto box, and converting the...
  11. B

    VX Equipe | 345rwhp! | LS1 228/230 cam & ported heads + t56 conversion

    The VX | Broken :( | LS1 228/234 cam & ported heads My names Brent and this is my first car. I bought it back in 2008 off a mate that wanted a car with better fuel economy [he bought a 2008 suzuki swift]. He bought it from the auctions as a repairable write off as it had fresh water damage...
  12. E

    Are the 6 speed gearboxes in the VS/VR 215i Senators the same as the 1's in the VY,VZ

    Hey Guys I'm trying to sort out a T56 for my Supercharged 304 VS SS, I have found a guy stripping his project down and he has a 6 speed out of a stroked 215i VS or VR senator he says they are the same but I want to be sure before I hand over the money. Are they the same gearbox as the T56 in...
  13. damankerrison09

    [SA] VL LS1 Conversion (T56, Motor, Clutch ETC.. OR LS1 and T56

    ITEM: VL LS1 conversion with most things needed. Or LS1 and t56 motor and box READ BELOW! LOCATION: SA, Adelaide north CONDITION: New & Used PRICE: Prices are as listed below and are NEG.. repeat ARE NEG! So don't spit if you dont like them! DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up available...
  14. jakstas

    Vt2ss m6 Twin Turbo Build

    Bout time i dropped some info on the old girl, so here goes. 2000 VT, Series 2, t56 6spd Manual 124,000k's Suspension: Full Pedders rebuild. Each and every bush replaced with Urathane. Extreme Adjustable coilovers. Whiteline swaybars, Pedders Strutbrace Diff: Replaced standard tired LSD with...
  15. Disturbed_vegeta

    [QLD] Gen 3 6 speed manul conversion

    ITEM: T56 manual conversion to suit gen 3 LOCATION: brisbane qld CONDITION: used done 65 tho ks PRICE: 2000 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pm to sort something out PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM OTHER INFO: comes with everything needed apart from ecu and...