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tacho wire

  1. V

    Need help with wiring factory VH Tacho?!

    Hi All, Recently, i've been restoring an old vh project and have come across the instrument cluster, which is an sle equivalent with the tacho, but upon changing the dash lights to the led globes, ive noticed that the tacho isn't even connected? I have no knowledge with tachs and how they are...
  2. my vh is a vk look alike

    Vk dash Wiring

    i need wiring diagrams for all VK series dashes and photos to help me out more as im try to wire up a tacho style dash to my VK
  3. J

    Installing a tacho in a VP that doesnt have one

    Hey.. i was wondering if any one could help me out.. i have a vp executive series II manual and it doesnt have a tacho.. I have read thru other threads for installing tacho's and most people said you can use the brown signal wire found attached to a loom in the front engine bay on the...