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  1. vthed

    WL RPM not displaying correctly/faulty tacho?

    Having some issues with my WL Caprice 5.7L. Car runs great bar the issue I'm having with the tacho. The car never misses a beat and is great on fuel and power. When I start driving the RPM seems to be correct but as I drive (probably within 5-10 minutes), the RPM starts to drop and eventually...
  2. A

    How to install a monster tacho in vy

    I have a vy series II commodore which is a burnout car. I purchased a monster tacho and I need help with installing it. The tacho has red,black,yellow,green and yellow wires to connect to the car. I have been told about the solid brown wire in front of the coil pack. That is where I connect my...
  3. L

    vt calais tacho problem

    I got a vt calais with a vz ls1. I just bought the car and on my first drive i realised that the tacho is showing a fraction of the actual rpm, at idle the needle is at 200 rpm. when i floor it its showing 2500 rpm before changing gears. Engine is running perfectly, everything else on the...
  4. V

    Need help with wiring factory VH Tacho?!

    Hi All, Recently, i've been restoring an old vh project and have come across the instrument cluster, which is an sle equivalent with the tacho, but upon changing the dash lights to the led globes, ive noticed that the tacho isn't even connected? I have no knowledge with tachs and how they are...
  5. V

    Gearbox gear selection and speedo/tacho questions

    I've recently had the 202 replaced with a vl v8 and a m20 gear box into my SL VK. 1stly, the gearbox. I have difficulty changing into 4th, there's no crunching but I have to be forceful with it. Checking out the gear selection it looks like the mechanism might be snagging on the linkage...
  6. E

    [VT-VX] How to install an aftermarket tacho in VT/VX (I've been told it is the same in VY/VZ)

    So, there is a fair bit of debate as to how this is done but I'm going to tell you the relatively simple way. Step 1. Remove the fuse cover panel under the steering column. Step 2. Remove the dash facia. The first step is to remove the to screws at the back of the piece around the gear...
  7. M

    VK Tacho to Blue Motor

    I have been getting some work done to quell the rust and leaks in my VK's boot. While she’s been out of action I’ve decided to finally look into fitting a stock tacho in favour of the infamous vacuum gauge! I took the cluster out and have had it re-conditioned (looks near new!). The new...
  8. VNCalais3800

    Ebay Listing DNA 2.0 Farad Car Audio Capacitor Chrome ACP2000

    Ebay Listing Hey I got this capacitor i have no use for anymore so it has to go $125 starting price $20 postage ends a bit after 7 aest 2 December. search in ebay search Item number: 330500489779 5" Monster Tacho Autogage By Autometer With Shift Light Blue In Color. $75 starting price...
  9. J

    shift light on a standard taco?

    i was just wondering if theres any way you can wire up a shift light to a standard tacho and set what revs the light comes on?? cheers!
  10. M

    Replacing VK Speedo

    My VK is a strange assortment of parts from various Commodore models and my father is the mechanic so please excuse my ignorance! My VK has a blue 202 and was initially an auto (Hence having a vacuum gauge on the instrument display) My father put in a clutch and fitted a Phillipino...
  11. J

    vn tacho wiring problem

    ok so i had my tacho wired up all sweet and was workin fine on my vn v6 s1 (i was running the tach signal from the brown wire near p/s strut tower) then i put a s2 coil pack on it and it stoped working ..it still has power and everything jus not gettin tach signal so i took the tacho out and...
  12. my vh is a vk look alike

    Vk dash Wiring

    i need wiring diagrams for all VK series dashes and photos to help me out more as im try to wire up a tacho style dash to my VK
  13. J

    Installing a tacho in a VP that doesnt have one

    Hey.. i was wondering if any one could help me out.. i have a vp executive series II manual and it doesnt have a tacho.. I have read thru other threads for installing tacho's and most people said you can use the brown signal wire found attached to a loom in the front engine bay on the...