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tail light

  1. D

    VF Commodore Evoke Wagon with external lighting problems

    I have a VF Commodore Exoke station wagon. I installed a dash cam recently and believe I have damaged a control module in the car. The left headlight low beam no longer works, the left front indicator and left front guard indicator no longer work, the rear left tail light no longer works but the...
  2. S

    Vt commodore rear tail lights and brake lights not working!!!

    Hey guys, I've tried checking the fuses to the rear parkers and brake lights and I replaced them, I also have changed the globes but it's still not working. Does anybody have any ideas of what this problem could be? My licence plate lights and reverse lights are still working.
  3. benjaminwoodley

    Tinted/custom tail lights for VY Series 2 R8 Clubsport

    Hi guys, new to the forum and just after some advice. Ive just bought a vy clubby and I'm looking at getting tinted or custom tail lights and possibly head lights. I'm open to all suggestions
  4. Herbs N Sp1ces

    Vu vu vz wagon/ute tail light globe types?

    I have a vu ute that I changed the tail lights to vy s2/vz and would like to know the different globe types for the tail lights? Thanks
  5. K

    Calais tailights and other

    Hey guys:) I was wondering if anyone new or could point me in the right direction of finding some either vz calais tailights or smoked altezza tailights as a pair?? Also where can I find fog lights with inserts and lights for a vz lumina?? And how do I program another key for the car?? Thanks in...
  6. T

    wagon tail light swap

    Hey guys I have a ve wagon and noticed the other day that the vf wagon tail lights are slightly tinted, is it possible to switch the tail lights?Are they the same?
  7. S

    [General] Removing Tail Light Tint

    Hey guys I thought I'd enlighten some people on the way that I removed my "nightshade" off of my tail lights, Basically just put some petrol on a rag and a bit of elbow grease and it came straight off. I then used some fw1 wax on them afterwards just to clean them up a bit. I've heard that it...
  8. H

    [VE] Changing/accessing tail light assembly on Sportwagon

    Thought I'd do a video to remove some of the guesswork. Enjoy... <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/_uVDPPzrHzs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. Wheelzy

    LED Tail light globes in WH Statesman

    (This is my very first post and I apologize in advance if I have placed it in the wrong section) Hey guys, I purchased 4 Tail/Brake globes for the tail lights on my WH Statesman, Because i have tinted my tail lights and the original bulbs just don't cut it. The ebay add said they were just...
  10. P

    VT Tail Light

    Hey need help with my VT, the left hand tail light is not working but the break light and indicator work. The driving light is only out on the left hand side... The bulbs are good and wiring looks fine.. Any Ideas??
  11. S

    VX I tail light fit VX II ??

    My mate has a VX series I and i want to swap him tail lights.. anyone know if they will fit my VX series II s-pack..?
  12. 2004_VZ_Acclaim

    Need some VZ Tail light removal help

    Hey all I've done a bit of searching for this but couldnt find what i was after so here goes... Made an attempt to remove my VZ tail lights (Acclaim model '04) and everythings going fine until i get to removing the wires/globes attached.i can get the indicator globe out fine but the other...
  13. topdzl

    Clear tail light - Garnish

    Hey I want to get clear tail light on my vt but I need to do something about the garnish in between! so I wanna know if there's anyway to get the stock garnish cleared - i don't want to place the later models garnish - to suit the tail light, or if there's anyone who sells clear garnish. I...
  14. A

    [VIC] Vy ss tailight lhs *genuine* $50!

    ITEM: VY SS TAILIGHT LHS *GENUINE* LOCATION: Melbourne, Western Suburbs CONDITION: Good, fits perfectly ask for photos. PRICE: $50 Firm DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM, Phone (PM for number) OTHER INFO: LHS only..Ask for...
  15. D

    Can you swap a VT Boot for VX or VY ?

    Tragedy! Well I came out of work after finishing the books at the tavern where I work and there it was. Bits of red/white plastic everywhere. Some idiot customer had backed into where I was parked smashed the boot garnish(Big red plastic panel around rear license plate) and taken off. It...