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  1. Matt Watkins

    Maloo tailgate reflectors

    Is there possibly any chance anyone in the world has turned the tailgate reflectors on a maloo into actual working brake lights? reckon it would look absolutely mad I wish HSV engineered it :( also can’t seem to find anything about it being achieved anywhere online sadly
  2. H

    VE Ute tailgate removal

  3. W

    VE SV6 Sportswagon Rear Windscreen Wiper Problem

    G'day, I have a VE Series II SV6 Sportswagon. When i turn my rear wiper off after clearing the rear windscreen, it swipes down to the bottom of the windscreen and then swipes up a couple of inches and stops. The next time i open my tailgate the rear windscreen wiper does a full cycle of...
  4. O

    VY Wagon Rear Wiper Wont Turn Off

    The rear wiper on my 2003 VY series II wagon tailgate won't turn off. I've had to remove the trim and disconnect wiring from wiper motor. It started this behaviour with no explanation. Moving wiper activation lever on left side of steering column to various positions has no affect (ie, push for...
  5. S

    Tailgate won't open

    Hey guys. I have a problem with my holden commodore station wagon (year 98). The tailgate won't open anymore. First it won't closed not really. Than i tried it a little bit harder. And now its closed and won't open. Does anybody have an idea how i can open it again? Cheers
  6. P

    Fitment of rear fog light to SSV Ute

    I've recently moved back to Scotland and taken the Ute with me - before I can put her through a VOSA test I have to fit a rear fog light to the tailgate - does anyone have any ideas as to how best to do this without making too many holes and if there is a spare 30A relay fitted by the factory -...
  7. W

    Is there an easy way for a vx wagon internal release for tailgate

    Hi, I'm going on a roadtrip and will be sleeping in my VX wagon and was wondering if there's an easy way to set up an internal release for the tailgate Cheers
  8. esp_ryan

    Removing ute tailgate?

    Hi guys, just bought a new tailgate for my ute to replace the current one thats been damaged. I have had a go at taking it off myself and found the tub liner easy enough to take up, and to my understanding there are just 2 torx screws at either side supporting the tailgate and 4 bolts where...
  9. D

    Boot release wont work on ve ss-v sportwagon

    hi all having dramas with the touchpad boot release for the tailgate on my ve ssv sportwagon! has worked intermittently over the past few days, and have checked any fuses and relays i could under bonnet and front passenger foot well regarding 'rear end release', and all is good! anyone...
  10. O

    Vt Silver Tailgate Wanted

    hi im new to forums, so sorry if this is in the wrong place but im after a 1998 wagon tailgate, preferably in silver for my mums car. she was doing us a favor and bust up the tailgate and id like to replace it for xmas. can pick up, I live in port stephens/Newcastle area. Thanks