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  1. T

    Drive Shaft Center Constant Velocity Bearing/ Rubber replacement Short Life Why?

    My original Bearing and rubber lasted perhaps 150000 plus km. VS series 2 , 6 cylinder , auto , live / beam rear axle Had the mechanic replace it and all OK for a few thousand Kilometres. Then failed and fixed under warranty. Now the second replacement is failing. I can hear that the tail shaft...
  2. B

    VZ centre bearing

    From the day I bought my vz it's had a shudder when taking off, i put this down to a bad centre bearing, and thought I'd just leave it until I can afford to have it done, but however yesterday it has completely gave in on me (guessing the the rubber is completely cooked) You can hear it rattle...
  3. Robbo77

    VF Commodore tailshaft replacement uni-joint

    G'day all. Vehicle: 2014 VF SV6 - LFX 6 speed auto Issue: buggered centre uni-joint causing shuddering etc. Location: Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Questions: -would anyone happen to be from around the general area and know of any or where to go for a good second hand tailshaft/installation...
  4. Commo_Carl


    So I figured I would post these here for you guys. There is not much info on this kind of thing from what I've seen. Most people's tailshafts would be getting well and truly up there in the age and mileage. Chances are that your shaft also needs a good refresher! Watch the videos below to see...
  5. D

    Got an interesting one for you guys.

    Hello guys thanks in advance for any advice you give. I have an 05 vz exec and for quite some time it's has been clunking and thumping and thudding over bumps at a decent speed say 80km +. They can range from quiet to very loud and can be quite scary at times. To me the sound is never...
  6. C

    VF Driveline issues

    Hey everyone... ive been reading for awhile never actually posted or started a thread... My vf ssv manual has been making some harsh clunking noise which sounds to be coming from the diff... its around the 330rwkw mark has Detroit locker and all fresh diff rebuild 12 months ago (broken 3 rh...
  7. Jerry Keat

    VT commodore V6 high speed vibration

    my 2000 Vt sedan has a high speed vibration. Most pronounced at 90-100 km/h. Pulls to the left despite recent front end alignment & tyre switch. Tyres are new. Recon tail shaft fitted last week. Any ideas? thanks for your help..
  8. O

    Weird balance problem solved!

    Hi all, I'm posting this on here as a first time poster on the off-chance it might help someone else in the future. I've relied on posts and how-to videos from here in the past so I'm trying to do my bit. Recently I had new tyres fitted to my VZ Calais and only a week or so later a mate...
  9. F

    V8 tailshaft lengths

    Replacing the tailshaft on my 2003 VY Clubsport, however in NT, a tailshaft to suit a manual sedan V8 are rare as hen's teeth. Can I use a tailshaft from an AUTO sedan V8?
  10. T

    What tailshaft is it?

    So in my serch to replace the tailshaft in my vx wagon 2000 model someone sokd me the wrong tailshaft, and now im trying to sell it myself, however i have no idea what car its for. It has 4 bolts on one side and none on the other where it slides into a bit on the car (im guessing. It has a...
  11. T

    Tailshaft replacement - one headache after another

    Ok so for a roady i have the replace the centre bearing on my VX v6 auto wagon. I was told that the auto tailshaft it just one piece and cant be seperated so ill have to replace the whole thing. - but i keep getting told i should just change the centre bearing and that its easy but everytime i...
  12. V

    Need help ! Doing an auto to getrag on my vs 5l statesman

    Hi can someone direct me to a thread or be willing to answer some questions for me. Thanks :)
  13. 8

    Will VU SS ute tailshaft fit in Manual v6 Vy ute

    Hi I just started a Manual conversion on my VY II Storm I have all the parts for it but a tailshaft, ive found a Vu ss tailshaft pretty cheap i was wondering if it will fit in my ute. The Vu tailshaft is made for a Gen 3 5.7l v8 and im looking at putting it in a V6 M35 Vy If anyone can help it...
  14. V

    VX vibrations from rear

    Hi guys I just moved to Australia, and buying a Commodore seemed like the only way to get the full Aussie experience out of the 6 months I'm here! But there are troubles in paradise, and since I don't know any mechanic I can trust on this continent, I hope that you can help me out:) So, I...
  15. S

    Tailshaft Removal - Yip i've searched!

    Hi all, Have read through the wealth of info on the prop shaft removal, I just have a couple of quick ones to confirm. Vehicle is a VS Wagon, Manual. Need to replace the rear seal on the g/box - allegedly just 4 bolt removal from the diff, then the bearing hanger and voila, she's out -...
  16. B

    Loud banging sound coming from rear, maybe slightly near side

    My 11 yr old VX wagon has started to make a loud banging sound from the rear. It started as just an occasional knock or thud. Then it became more regular but only after driving for 10 mins or so, and especially if there were passengers. Now it's a fairly regular bang...bang....bang. I...
  17. Paul_grima

    VN Auto Changeover NEED HELP!!! :(

    Hey guys im looking for any kind of help i can get with this. Recently i bent the chassis in my series 1 Vn commodore executive. It has a decent auto, motor and tailshaft, diff etc.. The car is not fixable or safe to drive. I have pickd up a series 2 Vn Calais needing a geabox n tailshaft...
  18. C

    VZ SS ute vibration. Centre bearing?

    I have an VZ SS ute that i just bought and it has a little vibration at about 70-100kph thats sort of comes and goes over and over. I;ve been told of off a couple of people that is the centre bearing. Has anyone had this this problem? The car has only done 100k. Any help would be great.
  19. N

    trans or tailshaft shuddering?

    i bought a car off a mate, we are both tryin to fix it up, while im trying to save for other expenses on it. back it the day, its was running fine until one night he had a full car and tryed to do a burnout, but dumped it to first from neutral while reving it. and ever since that when you...
  20. T

    Tailshaft - non replaceable parts?

    I have a vibration that I suspect is a problem with the tailshaft. Took the car in for a full service, new tyres, the lot, and asked them to check the vibration. They found that 2 of the 4 centre bearing bolts were gone from one side so they replaced them. They said that they couldn't see...
  21. SHIFT3D

    VS tailshaft/diff

    Hey everyone I have a VS calais S2 v6, got a stage 2 shift kit installed when i first got the car and its been all sweet. But now i am noticing a lil whine when accelerating but stopping when i get up 2 speed and that every now and then there will be a lil bit of a 'backlash' from the...