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  1. Adrian's Vr

    Long range tank issue's

    so huge issues arises when i put my vs 80l in my vr, the sender is different as, so my long floaty is wrong, slapped normal one in, the tank has 2 hoses, 1 big 1 small where as my vr one has 2 small 1 big, so I just capped of the breather thats not in use on the filler neck, and now the strap...
  2. Samuel elliot

    Fuel cell for skid car need help

    Currently in the process of putting together a Vt ss with a mild worked ls1 dedicated skid car Going to be installing a fuel cell, want to stay on the low budget side, what will I need and how to wire it up? Any informations useful From what I’ve gathered so far I’ll be going for 40-60l foam...
  3. N

    Fuel Tank Sucking and collapsing in...

    Hi, the vehicle in question is a 2002 holden commodore vx v6 with 201000 on the clock. My main issue is when the fuel cap is screwed in to place the fuel tank immediately starts to suction in. This is easily visible by looking underneath at the tank and seeing the tank rise off its brackets...
  4. N

    Aeroflow Coolant & Steering fluid tank issues

    Has anyone installed the Aeroflow Radiator overflow tank and/or power steering reservoir to their Series 1 LS1 VY? The plastic bottles on my car are pretty aged and looking pretty rough and I'm keen to replace them with the much nicer black finish aeroflow options...
  5. JSVSouth

    Petrol leak

    Has anyone here had petrol leaking around the fuel tank on a VT sedan? Pulled into the car park at work this morning (relatively hard left turn) and once I got out I smelt fuel. Looked under the tank and it was dripping with fuel. Ive got about 1/4 tank in there. I'm pretty sure it only happened...
  6. T

    [VT-VX] VT series 1 sedan fuel pump problem solved

    Gudday peeps. I've used this forum to obtain heaps of great information on all sorts of Commodore related issues over the years so I thought I'd add a bit of my own experience for others to enjoy, particularly the VT series 1 fuel tank and pump. Its a dual fuel model. Would not start in petrol...
  7. G

    fuel leaking from inside tube along petrol filler spout

    Hi guys sorry noob question ( searched forum 1st) yer replaced fuelpump on me VT and after 5mins of driving the car starts to stall on stopping at lights Then about 2mins of driving it start GUSHING out of that tube with the White plastic bit in it that runs along the filler spout of the...
  8. I

    VL vacuum reservoir

    hey im new here so this has probably been answered before but ill ask anyway. on the right hand side of my vl commodore behind the front bumper there is a ball with a chord atatched just hanging down the clips that held it somewhere are broken. ive done some research and found its the vacuum...
  9. M

    Noisy LPG tank ve commodore

    hi all i am just seeking some advice from some of you's that own a dual fuel ve commodore my issue is when im turning / round abouts etc there is a noise coming from the rear of the car like some thing rolling around just wondering if any one else has heard of or experienced it for them...
  10. D

    Fuel Filter VY SS

    Hi, I am looking to replace my fuel filter on my VY. Can someone help me with its location and how to depressurize the system before removal??? Cheers
  11. DmanVT

    air pressure gauge modification for light help :/

    hey all, i have a question, is it possible to put a light in behind the dial of a pressure gauge ( that doesnt have a light hole ) so it can be visible at night? i have a pressure gauge that i want to put in my car for my airbag tank, i was wondering if i could drill a hole in the back of...
  12. M

    Drop Tanks And Fuel Cells

    Hi all, I don't know if a thread already exists regarding this topic and sorry if there is but I could not find one nor could I find anything that answered my questions. What I want to know are drop tanks and fuel cells legal in street cars? Also to what extent can you go with one, in...
  13. M

    [NSW] Drop Tanks And Fuel Cells

    Hi all, I don't know if a thread already exists regarding this topic and sorry if there is but I could not find one nor could I find anything that answered my questions. What I want to know are drop tanks and fuel cells legal in street cars? Also to what extent can you go with one, in...
  14. Paul_grima

    VL - Screwed into fuel lines???

    Hi everyone. Today i was mounting my sub n amp in my vl and as i was screwing a screw on the floor of the boot just above the fuel tank, i heard a sound of like air leaking out from underneath the screw. I undid the two rear bolts on the fuel tanks backets and dropped one side and had a look but...
  15. V

    Fuel Gauge not working VL

    Hi all AHs anyone had any problems with thier fuel gauge. It only works sometimes. Do you think that it has something to do with the connect with the fuel tank? If so what should I do...thanks
  16. M

    Does anyone know how this works?

    Hi, Just wanting to know if anyone knows how these polished cans work; RADIATOR OVERFLOW TANKS POLISHED STAINLESS 15 inch - eBay Other, Cooling Systems, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 22-Jul-10 16:12:05 AEST) I thought that the hoses needed to be at the top...
  17. Y

    Low Level Fuel Problems

    In my VP when i get down to about 1/3 to 1/4 of a tank the car starts to splutter and carry on. Would this be sludge and crap in the tank or would it be some type of pick up problem? not too keen on taking the tank out to find out its some other problem. can anyone help out there?fue
  18. L

    VS stops dead on half a tank of fuel! Please help!

    I've had my 1996 VS Acclaim for a year now and nothing seemed wrong with it until about two months ago when it wouldn't start for me at a shopping centre. It worked fine for a few weeks until it suddenly stopped dead at random places. It continued for a week to stop and start until I took it to...
  19. V

    Gas tank and Sub?

    Hey guys, i've got a gas tank installed in the boot of my car and i was just wondering would installing a sub interfere with anything at all? thanks guys.
  20. S

    Fuel consumption/tank size

    Hi All, I recently bought a 93 VR wagon executive, auto, 3.8. It's sitting outside my place, not starting , and it sounds like it's run out of fuel as I can hear the pump. Now, it's done exactly 405km since last full fill, which, if my calculations are correct (no guarantee!), puts its...
  21. V

    rear tyres wearing way too quickly

    Hey guys, i recently got a gas tank installed on my vx executive. At the same time, i also happened to replace all four tyres. Everything seemed to be going fine until last night my right rear tyre popped. when i was replacing it, i noticed that the inside tread of the tyre had completely...

    replacement vn ute fuel tank

    does anyone know of anywhere you can get a replacement fuel tank without having to get a fabricater to make one or anywhere i can get a good or reconditioned 2nd hand one? all the pipe connections on mine are cracked and my ute tends to get a bad fuel smell HHEELLP!!! :flame: =BOOOOM!!!!
  23. VS5spdV6uteowner

    cracking open fuel tank to change fuel pump?!

    ive heard many ways from ppl onthis forum and i thank you all for ur time, i was wondering if i can crack my fuel tank open to change my pump in my vs commodore ute, i have removed the panel in the rear tray and undone the bolts circled, i attempted to jar it open but the material looks...