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  1. N

    VE SSV L77 issue

    hi, i have a ve ssv, 3yrs ago i had to rebuild my engine after spinning a bottom end bearing. a couple weeks ago i noticed a tapping sound coming from the right side of the engine. i took it to my mechanic and he wanted to pull it down and rebuild it again but i can't afford that again atm. he...
  2. B


    Ok so yesturday my drivers seat stopped working (full electric) And the fuse for seat memory under dash was boiling hot had to wait 10 mins before I could even touch it Took it out and tried swapping it with the power windows fuse but it was sparking at me when I tried putting it in I only...
  3. Y

    Rough idle on vt

    Hi i have almost had it with my car I replace one thing and find another problem Im no mechanic this is first car ive worked on So it started with a blown head gasket bought a vrs kit replace all the gaskets in the top end of the engine Got a mechanic to do a engine flush Put on new oil...
  4. M

    Help fixing V6 rattle

    I'm trying to fix an annoying rattle in my factory Supercharged V6 statesman. Ive had a metalic rattle which I can hear on Idle for ages. Ive always been able to hear it near the rear of the engine at the passenger side and when I stick my head under the car near the left hand cat it has...
  5. S

    Slight knocking noise when idling in drive?????

    After a recent long trip ive now noticed a there is a knocking or tapping noise when im idling in drive (at stop lights or stopping) if i put it in to neutral it seems to go away. Ive taken the drive belt off and it still does it and also the engine cover. Any one know what this could be?
  6. nalchlan

    loud engine knocking

    hey guys my engine has started to make a fairly loud knocking noise, it happened right after a little powerskid (private property ofcourse) and after a lot of searching im still stumped it happens from 2000-2500 rpm and i can hear it continue well into high 3000rpm and after that i cant hear...
  7. C

    Clicking/Chicking noise coming from engine

    OK so ive got this noise and sounds like chick chick chick. its not a solid knocking maybe a tapping type noise. ill post a video if need be. when cars cold u can barely hear it. afta a few minutes of driving it gets louder and louder. And of course as the revs go up the noise is faster. And it...
  8. VK SL 3800

    Vp Tap in engine/exhaust.

    Hi all, My Vp ute has a tapping noise when its gets hot, its from underneath around the bell housing area in the exhaust (stock) but from above the engine is running sweet as a nut and i cant hear anything through the rocker covers ect. Just wondering if this is a a common V6 trait as...
  9. vr_shart

    vs major problems help???

    hey recently brought a vs ecotech which starts fine when cold runs smooth but after about two minutes there is loud tapping noises coming from around or in the rocker covers but after another two minutes or so the noise stops and so on, we also put new oil in and ran it for a day and then we...
  10. blindworld1

    2 problems - Tapping and bubbling.

    Hello, My first problem is that just before when I came home with the car it was making a bubbling noise, the pipes were very hot, hotter than usual I believe. When we opened the overflow container the coolant was bubbling. Is this normal if not what is causing it? My second problem is...
  11. Disturbed_vegeta

    308 ticking sound

    did a bit of serch but i couldnt find anything appart from that the problem could be sticky lifters...but the go is that i just got a vk 308 4 speed from a mate, and it had a few issues with dieing and not starting for a while but i got that sorted, and now i went up to get some take out in it...