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tech 2

  1. K

    Vz ecu programming

    Hello, my vz ecu is fried, no suprise there. I bought a refurbished reset ecu. I also have GM Tech2 with tis2 approval. The car did not come with any security information nor codes. TAC holden has every security code for the car, but the one I need. When I put the new ECU in and try to link...
  2. J

    VY digital speedo tech 2

    Does anyone know where I can get my VY dash upgraded to a tech 2 in Melbourne cheap so I can see my digital speedo
  3. J

    wk caprice speedo out (changed diff) south australia

    Hi all, i have a 04 caprice 5.7L auto, have recently changed my diff from the standard 3.08 to 3.46. now my speedo is out and wondering if you know anyone in adelaide who can adjust it. alot of mechanics dont want to know about it or dont have a tech 2 computer, and i cant justify paying...
  4. Jimmy_d_jr

    Cluster Odometer Programming

    hi guys, so ive searched around and from what i initally knew and from what ive just read. im a little confused. i read that if you get a cluster with under 100kms on it it can be set to anything you want where as if it was over 100 the odo could only be set upwards ie if it had 80000 on...
  5. M

    vx ecu flashing

    I am wondering how i would be able to re flash the ecu in my vx from an auto to a manual, i do have a tech 2 tool but im not to sure if it can re flash an ecu, what i do know about the process of flashing an ecu is that i will require a new .bin file which has the programming but im not sure...
  6. bluemeanie23

    {HELP} SRS tech 2 error code 20?

    hi guys i'm new to this fantastic forum thanks for having me its amazing how much useful information is on here my hat goes off to you all i was driving the other day(safely) and low and behold srs fault popped up on the clusters display also red srs light so i took it to a mechanic he hooked...
  7. T

    Tech 2 software update

    g day, Just wondering if anyone knows where you can get a software update for the Tech2... Any help would be grate... cheers