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  1. S

    [QLD] Diagnostics mode temp gauge

    Hi all, when I activate the diagnostics mode in my 02 VX the temperature gauge goes just below the halfway mark as it would when its at full temperature. I was under the impression that this mode was to test all your lights/temp/fuel gauge etc. But when I am driving my car the temp gauge doesn't...
  2. Wickham_1995

    VC Wiring Question

    ive just wired up my motor on the vc, has a blue 202 with tirmatic. everything is plugged in except one pink/tan wire that comes from the loom into the engine bay and is in the same plastic as the anti dieseling solenoid but i don't know where it actually connects up to. i know it is power for...
  3. speed__demond

    water temp 304?

    okay, so my stock guage sits at 1/4 at full temp. that's all well and good, however... when I put my au thermos on I installed a top hose sensor to an aftermarket guage. it reads normal temps and slowly rises until it tops out at about 120C is that a bit high?? also could be hotter as the...
  4. D

    07 VE Omega Coolant Tank

    Hi guys! I've been having a slight issue with the coolant tank over the last 2 - 3 weeks where I find myself having to refill the coolant tank every few (5) days. Due using it as my main business car, finding time to have it off the road is hard to come by but it was recently serviced...
  5. KrisHolden

    VZ Temp Fluctuates in Traffic

    Hello Problem: Temp fluctuates randomly (not every time) when in stand-still traffic on 30min+ journeys. Temp raises fairly fast to the H position, a warning sounds and the system corrects itself. So about 4 months ago, when it first happened, Kmart bled my cooling system to ensure no air...
  6. Ignited-SV6

    Sounds like SAND!!! VT Olympic

    Hey guys, When I start the engine of my folks VT Olympic it almost sounds like there is sand being rubbed against the metal in the cylinders (if that makes any sense). I checked the oil and it seems okay...What else could it be?? Also, it overheats quickly at random times (Could be stuck...
  7. camstatic

    VP Commodore / No Thermo without aircon - ECU Reading temp fine...

    Hey guys I've been searching around for a couple of days now but I can't find any info on what I'm experiencing here... Any help would be hugely appreciated! Ok we have a 92 VP Commodore, Automatic V6 Executive (with factory cruise control for what it's worth). The other night I noticed my...
  8. E

    Engine Bay Diagram for SL/E 4.2 V8???

    Hi Has anyone got a diagram for this engine bay? Just doing a bit of work changing the thermostat and want to check the temp sensor and stuff but have no idea where to look. (I know i sound a bit dumb with my posts but all my cars over the last 10 years have been new, and therefore havent...