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  1. soleit

    Throttle controller

    i bought a throttle controller for my 09 SSV manual from Mace Engineering for $185 and timed 0-60 in SP mode if anyone is interested. Test area had a very slight incline, no real flat spots here. The car is still stock, only mod is a VCM OTR CAI. I only done 0-60 because I haven’t upgraded the...
  2. M

    Testing Car Alarm

    Hi Folks, I'm glad I found this forum. My name's Michael from Geelong and I'm after some advice. I'm selling my 1996 Holden Commodore VS Series II Executive and I received a question from a potential buyer. He wants to know whether the alarm works. Now as far as I know, the car locks fine...
  3. C

    Is there a way to test the DFI Module?

    Can you test a DFI module? I know you can test your leads and ignition coils wth a multimetre, can some simliar process be applied to the DFI module. Thanks, Alex Short