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  1. Lewie

    [NSW] WTB Turbo 350 Trans

    ITEM: Turbo 350 Trans LOCATION: South Coast NSW or Canberra. Willing to travel for the right trans CONDITION: New or Rebuilt PAYMENT OPTIONS: What ever suits CONTACT DETAILS: contact through here initially. OTHER INFO: looking at putting it behind a 308 going into my VH project...
  2. Satkinson

    VL 308 Conversion

    Heres some pictures of my VL 308 conversion, 90% completed just needs a tune up, shifter surround made up and a Certification.
  3. S

    Exclamation in my Lumina SS (Like GTO and Commodore) th350 or th400 ??

    Hi, my car Lumina 2002 SS I want to change my 4l60e to th350 or th400 ... what is the best choice? I driver my car daily go to my collage ... this is the parts on my car : LS1 5.7 Stock intake LS6 AFR Mongoose 205cc FULLY CNC 66cc Chambers COMPLETE|G5X3-114|Stainless Works 1 3/4 Off...