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thermo fans

  1. EYY

    [General] VN-VS & HQ-HZ V8 Ultimate Thermo Fan Conversion Guide (AU/Mondeo/BF/FG) PLUS 120a ALTERNATOR UPGRADE

    Ford twin fans - Wiring and Fitment --> Post #1 Alternator Upgrade --> Post #2 BF/FG Single fan --> Post #2 HQ-HZ BF/FG conversion --> Post 63, P4. Why fit thermo’s? Lately I've found that my car isn't staying as cool as I'd like it to in warmer (30+ degree weather) when the aircon's on and...
  2. W

    Thermo Fans

    Difference between a 2 wire thermo fan and a 3 wire thermo fan. Also can either one be mounted easily?
  3. trav27

    Vt Thermo fans not working after changing the radiator.

    Hey guys, I got my radiator replaced recently from my local mechanic, i havn't driven the car since then due to my rego expiring. I started her up today and let it idle for 15-20 mins or so and i noticed the fans didn't come on at all. Ive checked the connectors at the top just in case they...
  4. M

    Fitting AU Fans In A VK Commodore

    Hey, Just wondering if anybody out there has done the conversion of AU fans into there VK Commodore? If so interested to learn how they are wired up, which colour wires do you use from the original Ford loom? Can get my hands on a thermatic switch relay easy enough just need to know which...