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  1. 4D_SUx

    Vx Ls1 thermo fan wiring problems???

    Hey, Just got a question about changing my thermo fans back to original on my vx Senator and any help would be appreciated. Iv got 2 wires coming out of harness, Lt blue with yellow stripe and a orange with a yellow strip, then 2 positives coming from 2 30amp fuses, colours r orange/dark blue S...
  2. M

    VZ 3.6ltr cooling system woes

    Good day gentleman... and ladies, I bought myself a 2005 Holden VZ 3.6ltr wagon just over a year ago and ever since i've owned it, i have nothing but trouble... Please believe me, i have read over and over previous posts and whilst some have helped, none have resolved or even quiet described...
  3. danielnitschke

    Broken Thermostat?

    Hey Guys, My VX Acclaim 2002 Series II has been doing something that worried me at first. Was randomly driving and got the beeping frantically and 'hot!!!' on the dashboard display, looked at the thermo gauge and it was just below the redline level. Pulled over and turned the car off...
  4. V

    Thermo Fan Not working correctly :(

    Hey guy's, I have recently noticed that in drive thru and in heavy traffic my car is very quick to heat up.. The low speed thermo fan would never kick in so I usually just keep the A/C on (and It really ****'s me because the A/C does not even work so I'm still boiling hot and need the window...
  5. A

    Radiator thermo cooling fan not working

    After doing a great deal of research i have managed to get most of the information i need to troubleshoot my radiator thermo fans not working. I can't find the last bit of info i need to finish off the job. Background info: Radiator thermo fans not coming on at all when car is running...
  6. H

    [Question] AU twin thermos in a vn v6

    Hey, I've got a vn v6 series 1, just wondering how hard it is to put them AU twin thermo fans in there? got them real cheap off a mate. My apologies if this has already been covered before.
  7. S

    HSV XU6 coolant type?

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone has any info on what type of coolant to use in an L67 I've heard they use a special type of coolant because they run hotter than other engines is this true? Any info would be appreciated as I will be flushing the cooling system and replacing the coolant as...
  8. nalchlan

    thermo fan working..but not working!

    hey guys my thermo fan will not turn on automatically. i have tested both the low and high relays they both show resistance when switched. ive also bridged the the terminals on the fuse/relay board and had the fan running on high and low. the only other thing i did was earth out the heat...
  9. M

    AU Thermo Fans

    I know there is heaps of threads out there that cover the fitting up AU thermo fans but for the life of me I cannot find a wiring diagram that shows simply how to wire them up. I'm not using a temp switch or anything, I just want them to run when the ignition is on and turn off when the ignition...
  10. camstatic

    VP Commodore / No Thermo without aircon - ECU Reading temp fine...

    Hey guys I've been searching around for a couple of days now but I can't find any info on what I'm experiencing here... Any help would be hugely appreciated! Ok we have a 92 VP Commodore, Automatic V6 Executive (with factory cruise control for what it's worth). The other night I noticed my...