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  1. Brayden3223

    Coil pack engine loom

    Hey guys so I just changed my thermostat and that’s something I never want to do again, I’ve just reassembled everything and tried to turn the engine over and it won’t go, I forgot to plug in a single cable but I can’t exactly work out where it’s meant to go? I can’t see any plugs near or around it
  2. Cody Jayne

    Overheating and aircon not working?? SV6 2009 VE sportswagon

    hey everyone! Having some issues and would love some opinions on what’s going on! My car has 255,000ks, no leaks or anything like that and I get her serviced on time. My oil, coolant and water are all filled up (not over filled) The only issue I have is my transmission on the computer is...
  3. T27

    VX overheat no thermostat

    Hi everyone , I've seen many posts about overheating but every case is a bit different from another and i wanted to ask for some help. I've bought a VX a couple of weeks ago with 150k km and run well until yesterday , it started overheating , i've stopped and checking around i found a leak...
  4. Seanssv08

    Air con and temp sensor not working

    Gday i have had this issue for a couple months but since few days ago is now happening almost everyday. I have "contact dealer" followed by "serive" coming up. Ive noticed when this happens the air con isnt cold/working just blowing air and also the water temperature gauge isnt working..this...
  5. Popey

    AlloyTec 5 speed trans. Removal

    Hey guys, Long story short I'm in the process of removing my trans from my Calais. I have undone most of the bell housing bolts along with all attachments (Tailshaft, Transcooler lines, Flex plate bolts, cross member ect) I'm wondering, is there a bolt right ontop of the bell housing, just...
  6. danielnitschke

    Broken Thermostat?

    Hey Guys, My VX Acclaim 2002 Series II has been doing something that worried me at first. Was randomly driving and got the beeping frantically and 'hot!!!' on the dashboard display, looked at the thermo gauge and it was just below the redline level. Pulled over and turned the car off...
  7. A

    Need help doing all round maintenance

    Hi all, I got the Commodore V6 VR from my auntie for free as it needed a bit of work. I took it to the mechanic for the leaking power steering and the rack ends were replaced. However, didn't fix the problem. Have been neglecting the problems for a while, but recently decided to see what I can...
  8. A

    VE commodore thermostat trouble

    I've never had problems with overheating before, but the other day my 2008 omega overheated in a matter of a few ks on a mediocre temperature day and blew the top radiator hose. Easily fixed, but i was just wondering why this could have happened? all i did was reconnect the hose and refill the...
  9. D

    Holden VZ SV6 Alloytec Power Train issues + Thermostat issues

    Hey, just quickly i have minimal mechanical experience so terms etc could be wrong So iv been having this issue where my temp gauge is going back and forth from medium to hot.. iv check coolant it only took a little less then a liter and this did stop the problem from being so frequent till...
  10. P

    VX Heating Issue

    Hi all, im a newbie here as of today however have been reading posts and forums for a little while especially since getting the issue I have now. Ok long winded story coming up now. I have a VX II wagon, I know stuff all about cars except this week, I have learnt sooooo much thanks to all...
  11. trav27

    vt overheating at idle, please help!!

    hey guys, i recently changed the water pump and radiator in VT. Tonight it almost overheated at idle, but while driving the temp goes right back down, then goes up again while idling. My guess was the thermostat not opening. Any sugguestions? Ive got a long drive tomorrow so any help at all...
  12. S

    Vz Thermostat problems

    Hi im here for info so ill get straight to the point. Ive read through the other posts and haven't yet seen this so... I have previously had some heating problems with my 05 VZ ute that turned out to be air locks in the system. Today i gave a full service, replaced the coils and plugs and...
  13. djdomohudson

    COOLANT system help needed

    I was going step by step with this article on flushing and refitting a new thermostat etc etc. But as I've just put it all back together this happened... :( The fluid is leaking out of here. I sort of knew it would because before I filled it, if I squeezed that tube there, it would bubble...
  14. S

    Omega CD - Commodore VY | Random Overheating

    Hello mates! I'm a old reader of the forums... but now i'm one more member! :) I know that i should be joined before and not just now that I had a problem with my car, but I promise that I'll be more participative. And let me say thank you to the Aussies, for sharing the Commodore with...
  15. tHe_sTiG

    Friggen thermostat

    I recently had my radiator cap and thermostat crap themselves out, temperatures where fluctuating quite wildly. If I understand correctly, replacing them should be a very simple job... not with Holden. Why in the hell is the thermostat located in such a place that requires removal of the...
  16. MGNick

    heat constantly on, cant get cold to work and engine fan turning on earlier than norm

    gday i just had some stereo guys fix my system and on the way home i noticed my thermostat showing a lower temperature than normal on my dash, then i also noticed even when i spin the dial for climate its always blowing warm air out, so i pulled the dash apart and noticed a gal rod with a thread...
  17. D

    VT: Dashboard says it overheats, quickly cools down again, and then repeats. help!

    Hi guys, Really hoping someone could let me know what the most likely cause of this is as I'd love to not have to take it to a mechanic! Not that i'm that mechanically skilled, but if it's just a sensor issue or something, hopefully one of the experts on this site might be able to point me in...
  18. some_evil

    VR Coolant Hose Split - now what?

    Hey Guys, This week i realised that little hose thats only about 150mm long by about 20mm wide had split and was jetting coolant over my engine. I have replaced this hose (a bit of coolant did drain out) and topped up both radiator and resovior. I then run the engine for 5mins with heater on...
  19. A

    Mace product customer review

    Just recently installed the 81C thermostat from MACE and thought I would share my opinion with everyone. I fitted the thermostat on my supercharged VY and was delighted to notice a significant amount of power to still be available after a long drive and this can be justified easily even by...
  20. W

    SV6 3.6 Thermostat Replacement

    Hey there, Just wanted to pick everyones brain about replacing the thermostat on my VZ commodore. Ive managed to find the procedures from the holden service manual for removing the intake manifold, and also for flushing the radiator from these forums. Just need to know if i required any...
  21. K

    Holden VT Berlina 2k - x symbol in the right hand side of climate control display pan

    Hi Fellows, I have a Holden VT Berlina 2000 that has start showing x symbol in the right bottom corner of the climate control display panel. User manual says see the Holden dealer as there is some thing wrong with climate control. Air con work fine and i could not see any problem with it...
  22. Vy S SC

    10psi Pulley (Plugs, coils, leads, thermostat)

    Im getting the 10psi pulley upgrade on the weekend. :lock: I currently have standard NGK spark plugs, Standard leads (replaced 100kms ago) and stock coils and factory thermostat. The car has 160 000kms on the odometer. Will i need to upgrade any of the parts mentioned above when I...
  23. M

    Problems with the Thermostat?

    Recently the temp gauge on my car starts to go above normal (75%-or higher). Everytime I pull over to check it out, the engine and coolant temp always feels normal. I jump back into the car and the guage is back down to normal. This has started to happen more and more frequently. Also just the...
  24. S

    V6 Ecotec overheats in first 5-10mins of starting, then fine for rest of journey

    Hi All, VX S pack with V6 Ecotec At least twice a week for the past month or so, will start car in morning, be driving for 5-10 minutes and will then hear temperature warning beep. Temperature gauge will show very high (nealry maxed out) and I'll pull over straight away, then as soon as I...
  25. A

    VZ Overheating Mystery

    Hopefully someone will be able to guide me to work out what has failed. I have already had the radiator cleaned, had the cooling system pressure tested, and I have replaced the cap twice as I know the caps are unreliable. Also the fans seem to cut in appropriately. There are no leaks...
  26. markER717

    VN Themostat

    I'm not sure if my thermostat is working correctly. It never ever goes over a quarter, even when I was doing a coolant flush and running her wit heater on, still never went over 1 quarter. Any ideas? is it working?
  27. E

    Changing Thermostat 4.2L V8

    I have been searching for a post on this and i am sure it is here somewhere but i cant find it.. I need to change the thermostat in my VH SL/E 4.2L Commodore and i have no idea at all. Can anyone tall me where it is and what i will need (Other than the thermostat) if anything, to change it...