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throttle bodies

  1. Pierson

    70mm throttle bodies, Buick v6

    Im looking for a mace 70mm throttle body to fit my vp ute and its listed on the mace website but theres no way to order. can anyone clear up hats going with it or know another way to get one? cheers.
  2. K

    Has any1 seen this sort of damage before?? Piston damage, bent pushrods, melted intake manifold

    So I went against my own golden rule & I let 'a mate' who said they knew what they were doing, work on my pride & joy BIGGEST mistake I ever made as you can see... Luckily I have a really good mate who actually is a good mate & is saving my butt right now. We've decided to go with a motor swap...
  3. S

    Supercharging VU v6 Ute help

    Hey there, i'm wondering what would be the best performance ideas to supercharge my 2002 manual vu v6, i'm thinking go with the raptor supercharger kit, but i'm wondering what would be the most amount of boost i can run, engine has 200,000 kms, is the boost adjustable, and how easy is it to...
  4. R

    Rough Idle and Start Issue, My approach!

    Hi all interested forum members. Just before i get started I have read through lots of info about my VY berlina both on here and online. The community support from this forum is by far the best by far so thanks everyone. I decided against creating a large post re all my issues and what i...
  5. B

    VT performance questions! HELP NEEDED.

    I have a stock VT V6 Executive. The usual exterior/interior mods. Just looking at a few things to increase performance for a cheap price? (Like everybody else, I know.) I am on my P's, also. I'm going to be getting the exhaust, extractors, hi flow cat etc. done soon. What are peoples...
  6. J

    new 70mm throttle body has slack how to fix?

    I just did some work on my 93 vr v6 genie extractors 70mm genie throttle body chip and new sports exhaust but when I put my foot down the throttle dose not start getting any grip till about half way and its getting hard to use i have a auto so ya you see my prob having no revs is there a...
  7. V

    Custom Intake manifold VR V6

    Hey just wondering if anyone has an intake setup like this? Or knows of any kits available. Cheers.