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throttle body

  1. Pierson

    70mm throttle bodies, Buick v6

    Im looking for a mace 70mm throttle body to fit my vp ute and its listed on the mace website but theres no way to order. can anyone clear up hats going with it or know another way to get one? cheers.
  2. J

    Help vz ss LS1 8 pin throttle body to 6 pin

    Stuck on a upgrade. Putting on a new sniper intake manifold and 102mil throttle body, fuel rails, valley cover etc. VZ drive by has a 8 pin throttle connection, the new 102mil throttle body has a 6 pin. Does anyone know a way around this on a budget. Thanks
  3. Beauski187

    Safety warning / limp mode

    G'day fellas and fellets. I have a VE Calais ( high output obviously) It keeps going into limp mode, engine warning light is on most of the time. I scanned it, cleared all the faults and the issue is the throttle body/sensor. I took it apart today, cleaned it, and seemed to go fine running...
  4. 4

    VF Throttle body

    Had a mate bring back a ported and polished Vmax throttle body from the US. Fitted and back on the dyno for a tune. I was not expecting more numbers but gained 7 HP at the tyres. The throttle response has picked up heaps. Foot down instant power the car drives heaps different. The throttle body...
  5. S

    Alloytec throttle body electrical noise

    I have an 09 sv6 and the check engine light has been on, the codes are p0121, and p2176. The first code is the throttle position sensor, I have no idea what the 2nd code is. I took the sensor off and cleaned the electrical contacts with contact cleaner and I gave the throttle body a clean, still...
  6. S

    High idle / sticking throttle

    Just had my throttle body replaced on my VZ SS Thunder, but now it seems to have a sticking throttle. In neutral it idles at 1500. drops to about 1000 then down to 700 (time it takes varies). The same situation while in gear, the throttle seems to be sticking slightly. Any help would be...
  7. S

    Fluctuating acceleration

    I have an 06 model VE Commodore, and to cut a long story short, I had to replace its throttle body last year because the engine / acceleration would fluctuate even when the pedal was held in one place (particularly up hills), the check engine light would come on and the stability control would...
  8. A

    [VIC] Selling 2x 10K Autometer rev tacos, LS2 Throttle Body

    ITEMS: 2 Autometer rev tacos, LS2 Throttle Body LOCATION: Western Suburbs Hillside CONDITION: Used Excellent Condition PRICE: $150 each for the gauges, $220 for the Throttle body DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup would be good PAYMENT OPTIONS:Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or...
  9. J

    Intake, Pod? bigger throttle body?

    hey guys, ive heard both good and bad things about the pod and throttle body mods, but i want to know is it actually worth while, and if so which one would be more beneficial, or would both be? car is a ecotec V6 sedan, with 2 1/2 inch catback, thinking of taking out the rear...
  10. M

    69mm Throttle body any good...

    hi I got a vy v6 3.8 DUAL FUEL with none mods except for a 2/12 exhaust , i am thinking of getting a bigger 69mm throttle body from MACE Eng , So the question is are there any disadvantages of going for a bigger throttle body in short and long term over the engine..and also apart from a...
  11. Chady

    [VIC] WTB: VR-VS V8 Throttle Body (65mm)

    DESCRIPTION: Wanting to buy ITEM: Looking to buy a 65mm Throttle body off a VR or VS V8 LOCATION: Vic, Eastern burbs CONDITION: Working condition DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I can pay for postage if i cant pick it up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Direct Deposit or Cash CONTACT DETAILS...
  12. K

    Throttle Body Adaptor

    Wazup! Just joined up to the blog and thought I would throw in what may be a stupid question. I have an SSZ ute and have acquired a 90mm LS3 throttle body. Does anybody know of anyone who has developed an adaptor to use this on an LS1? And I have not yet had a good look, but is there...
  13. T

    VP Supercharger Help!

    Hey i just installed a supercharger onto my vp, and i got told when i baught it i have to take of a hose of the throttle body, becuase he didnt nd it made his engine explode, then next time round he disconnected it nd it was all sweet. so if anyone knows which hose, because theres 2 small ones...
  14. B

    Creaking Sound From Throttle Body

    I am in the middle of diagnosing if the battery, or the starter motor is gone. i am hoping its the battery. When i turn the ignition to the "on" postion, i here the fuel prime and a slight creaking noise. When i turn the key back to "off" it creaks back. Later i identified the noise to be...
  15. V

    VR V6 intake manifold

    Hey guys, i was reading on a forum site that a company was considering building new intake manifolds for VR 3800 V6s with the throttle body on the front, so we can run OTR CAI's.. im VERY interested in purchasing one. Anyone know if or where i can get one?!