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throttle controller

  1. P

    VF V6 Commodore Sportwagon performance

    Hey guys so I recently brought a 2014 VF commodore Sportwagon s1 I know most people’s opinion on working a v6 but say what ya will. I’m looking at putting a cat back duel exhaust on but I know with only doing the exhaust you increase fuel consumption etc So just looking for recommendations on...
  2. soleit

    Throttle controller

    i bought a throttle controller for my 09 SSV manual from Mace Engineering for $185 and timed 0-60 in SP mode if anyone is interested. Test area had a very slight incline, no real flat spots here. The car is still stock, only mod is a VCM OTR CAI. I only done 0-60 because I haven’t upgraded the...
  3. Revhigh

    Stealth Metal Edition (4.0) Throttle Booster

    Stealth Metal Edition (4.0) Throttle Booster The Stealth Controller suits many vehicles, some more popular ones include. - Holden Commodore VZ VE VF (VZ finalised this week) - Ford Falcon FG FGX (BA and BF finalised this week!) - Ford Ranger - Nissan 350/370z, Navara - Mistubishi...
  4. Revhigh

    2016 new release, Stealth 3.0 Performance Controller for Holden, Ford etc.

    The updated Stealth 3.0 Performance Controller unit is now available. Give your vehicle the throttle response it deserves. Revhigh stealth Suits the full range of Holden's from VZ onwards, LS1 VZ unit is now being tested. VZ V6 Alloytec, VE VF V6 & V8 are good to go. Suits many other vehicles...