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  1. Sandst4rm

    VT Throttle cable broken (another one)

    G'day guys So yes, i broke the flimsy plastic thread on my calais' throttle cable but that is not the point here. So i go down to repco at wingfield and pick up a new one with a metal thread, get home and pull the old one out and what's this... its too short. Next day i go back to repco and ask...
  2. M

    VX Commodore Throttle Sticking

    Hi everyone, my car has done this to me in the past few days and I've noticed it only does it on a cold start. When I start the car it's fine, but once I start driving down the road that's when it plays up. With my foot is off the accelerator, but it continues to pick up speed and when I put me...
  3. N

    New throttle body

    I need to replace my throttle body on my 06 Calais and I was just wondering would I need to get it tuned after I change it? I'm thinking of going to the wreckers and getting one from an old VZ would that make any difference from buying a brand new one?
  4. Revhigh

    VZ V6 Alloytec 190 SV6 & Executive 175 Stealth Controllers (Throttle Boosters)

    For the VZ V6 guys that are sick of throttle lag, these suit the Holden VZ V6 High Feature Alloytec now. Revhigh Checkout the reviews on our facebook page!! :) https://www.facebook.com/revhigh.obsessions.5/?fref=ts
  5. L

    l67 standard parts?

    Hey guys ... asked around in the l67 forums of facebook with no answer. just wondering what the standard size of the throttle body is for a L67 vt commie. and the Injectors LB for L67. tried googling all this with no answers again.
  6. J

    VG/VN v6 auto stalling at idle/full lock...running out of options

    Hey, been trawling threads for a few weeks now and having similar problems to a lot of people but no solution yet 3.8L v6 VG auto ute idle in drive, overdrive and reverse is intermittent and will conk out when slowing to a stop, doesnt have any dramas idling in park also conks out in full...
  7. F

    69mm Throttle body Vy commodore

    I finished installing my new throttle body and when i went to start it my engine light came on, is this supposed to happen or did I install it incorrectly
  8. F

    What's going on? 94 VR. MAP Sensor?

    Fixing up the 94' VR V6 and got one issue that I just can't seem to scratch off the list (beginning to frustrate) In idle with no load, the car will rev smooth with no problem, occasionally jumping up then back down and then coming back down. Whilst in gear and idling, it will run rough and...
  9. F

    Suspected MAP Sensor. Gurus Please Confirm

    Fixing up the 94' VR V6 and got one issue that I just can't seem to scratch off the list (beginning to frustrate) In idle with no load, the car will rev smooth with no problem, occasionally jumping up then back down and then coming back down. Whilst in gear and idling, it will run rough and...
  10. Z

    Flat Spot on Throttle- Suggestions?

    Hey everyone, so for a while on my VS Ute when it gets below 1/4 of a tank it has a major flat spot (when I stab the throttle to get up a hill it chokes and splutters and nearly stalls before picking up power again), any suggestions on what it might be or if anyone has had this problem how they...
  11. J

    VR Calais problems! need help!

    VR Calais S2 stalling whenever i move in gear. dash flashes when changing into gears and abs off light comes on when no brakes or handbrake is on? car also takes a bit to turn over since these problems have started.. any ideas on where to start with all this? pretty sure my throttle...
  12. Mk III the HSV

    [VE] Clean VE 3.6ltr Throttle Body

    Had a look on the forum the other day for anything relating to cleaning the throttle body on a 3.6ltr. I was having trouble removing the wiring loom to the throttle body. I eventually got it off and thought I might put a how to thread on how to do this. It fairly easy and shouldn't take any...
  13. A

    VZ Ignition and cut out problem

    Good day, I have a Holden Commodore VZ 2006 which is sold in the Middle East under the name of Chevrolet Lumina, i have searched the forum (and i do whenever i have any problems with my vehicle) and thought of posting this as most of the solutions proposed did not workout. Please watch...
  14. Dirty30

    Vu ute reving high when changing gears< MANUAL

    Hi there Having some trouble with my 2001 Vu ute V6 manual Say when changing from 3rd to 4th I accelerate in 3rd to 3000rpm then push clutch in and let off the throttle it stays around 3000rpm (sometimes slightly increasing) and doesnt drop untill i change to 4th, when i accelerate...
  15. J

    can I get some help :)

    Hey guys I really need some help. I drive a VT executive and I love it but I really want to modify it some how. I have seen some videos and am interested in doing some stuff to the car but I'm not completely confident in my ability to do so. I have read in some places that tightening the...
  16. B

    VY starting issues without throttle.

    Hi guys new member to the forum but long time user of your vast knowledge (ass kisser but i need help)... Well here's the low down on the problem. For about 10-12 months now my vy executive (auto) has been struggling to start without me giving it some throttle. It has gradually gotten worse...
  17. A

    Vx throttle issues

    Whenever i start the car it can start from inbetween 2k-4k revs. when i looked at the throttle body on engine one of the cables seems very streched, how can i fix this?
  18. M

    Buick V6 Throttle adjustments

    Hi Guys, I have a 93 VR which i just put a 70mm Throttle body on and need some advice on possible adjustments Just a bit of backstory, when i first put the new TB on, the engine idled at over 1500 RPM (with the old TB it sat at around 1000) so i had to adjust the close stopper so the butterfly...
  19. J

    Vs flat spot!?!?

    My vs v6 series 2 ecotec has a flat spot when stabbing the throttle. I've replaced plugs leads fuel injectors, cleaned throttle body and plenum. I'm lead to believe its non electrical as no fault codes are present. Any help at all is appreciated. Cheers!
  20. H

    [urgent help] throttle body spring after clean

    G'day, i've just finished following the guide on how to clean the throttle body etc on my vn. But when i took the spring off ive totally forgotten how it goes back on. i've had a crack at it for awhile now and cant figure it out. im not the most cluey with these things but now im panicking...
  21. M

    TPS issue driving me mad...

    Hi y'all, I've got a drama with my VT Olympic that is driving me completely mad. The gear changes are all off pretty much all the time - sometimes it will stick in a gear when it should be changing or it will change down when it shouldn't. It's also randomly throwing a TPS error and...
  22. Peter89

    [VIC] VN throttle body, seat rail; VL gas strut.

    ITEM: VN throttle body CONDITION: Used, has working sensors. missing throttle linkage. PRICE: $50 ONO ------------------------------------------------------------- ITEM: VN drivers seat rail, left part. CONDITION: Used but good condition. PRICE: offers...
  23. N

    Air Intake / Throttle Body Sound

    When I accelerate while driving, there is a loud sound coming from my air intake system / throttle body. It comes on suddenly when accelerating and is distinctly louder than the normal sound it should be making. I have heard my air intake could be sucking in air from a small hole or gap...