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  1. F

    Weird engine knock

    Hey guys, i have a strange light knocking noise that i can hear when i'm just idling (when the engine is hot / cold). Ive attached a link where i did my best to capture the sound (its easier to hear on full volume). First thing that popped into my head was engine knock but i don't hear it at all...
  2. V

    My VS Commodore 3.8 ecotec v6 engine ticks

    My Vs commodore with 198,000kms is ticking (watch the video) Does anyone know how to fix it?
  3. IA148461

    LS1 ticking noise on cold start up.

    Hello. My LS1 (173,000ks) WK Statesman makes ticking noises when first started up cold. After a few minutes it goes away. It sounds like lifters but I'm not 100% sure. Has anyone else experienced this and if they did what can I do about it. My E3 GTS LS3 with 73,000 ks on it does not do it...
  4. bns_vs_ute3885

    Ticking noise

    G’day, About a week ago I had the head gaskets on my vs ute replaced. Since then it’s been making a tickatickatick sound on idle and up to about 45km/r. Doesn’t seem to be affecting performance at all, just curious as to what it could be. Didn’t make this noise before the gaskets were fixed...
  5. W

    2002 WH Statesman Engine Noise - Video Included

    Recently bought the car and have been driving it like a slug, after a week it has started to develop a new engine noise and being a potato when it comes to anything more than basics I think its more appropriate to ask a community that may know what they are talking about. Some other notes: It...
  6. R

    Rattle/Ticking from engine passenger bank | 2010 VE Commodore LF1

    Hi all, I acquired a 2010 VE Commodore International. There is a rattle sound coming from the passenger side engine bank. It is noticeable only at low revs. When the engine idles at +-1100rpm, there is no rattle. When it drops to +-550rpm it starts to rattle. The engine has 150kms on it. It...
  7. VFSSBlackLS3

    VF LS3 tick under car

    Hi I realise that people have probably brought up issues like this in the past but now that the vehicles have been out for a couple of years I thought it might be better if I just made a new post... Basically when I get underneath my car I can hear a tick sound that sounds very similar to an...
  8. paulforaname

    VT SS 5L with loose rocker arm help

    all, Just got problem with my series 1 VT SS. I had the tranny go a few months ago and drove it to my mechanics to have tranny replaced. When driving there it reved abit then it would change up. Im letting you know as believe this caused my issue. Just before I got csr there it starting making...
  9. G

    Ticking Noise VZ Alloytech 2006 Berlina

    Hey Guys I just recently bought a VZ Berlina 2006 and the service history was great but become abit wonky after 100,000 was bought from a dealer and he said he was not sure however he confirmed last service was done at 137,000 Car is currently is 140,500 and i have noticed a ticking noise...
  10. C

    Getrag 5 Speed Gearbox Ticking

    Hi all, I've done searches both on this site and Google and can't seem to find an answer to my particular problem. I have a VT with a Getrag 5 speed box in it. Problem: it makes a ticking noise while driving. ONLY when driving. It starts at around 40km/h regardless of gear and will...
  11. Mattde

    VX Ticking and Creaking...

    So i know this has been posted many times before but i still have no conclusion to these issues. Engine ticks under acceleration, most obvious when about 1.5-2 Revs. Ticking increases/ decreases in speed consistently with how many Revs the engine is doing. Had a service and new oil etc...
  12. 9

    Problems witth new car, help!

    hi, well i recently bought a 1994 vr berlina and i was told there were a few things wrong with it but i wasn't sure what. anyway i charged my battery because it was flat and when i went to turn it over it was just making a clicking noise and doesn't try turn over, im pretty sure the battery is...
  13. J

    VY Arial Clicking

    hey everyone, my arial on my VY ute ticks over about 3 extra times when its fully up or fully down... is there anyway to fix this? its really annoying hahahah any help would be great thanks :)
  14. V

    VL endless problems!

    Okay everyone, I need help with my VL. It's had sooo many problems i'm almost about to give up! Originally it would run fine, then one day was really underpowered then my brother got it bogged, after a while of revving it hard and getting stuck deeper, he gave up. So one day about 3 weeks...
  15. Commo_Carl

    VR Engine ticking noise

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could help diagnose an annoying ticking noise. The motor is only 18,000 km old (brand new reco AC Delco motor) Ticks in time to the rpm, and is ####ing annoying as ****. The harder you drive, the louder it becomes. I have a few ideas e.g. lifters (which...
  16. I

    VP makes a Ticking Noise

    Hi, My well beloved Vp makes a ticking noise coming from around the injectors area, when i close the bonnet i can only just hear if i strain my ears :unsure: it does not effect the performance of the car and drives nice and its quiet inside the car cant hear it at all....also i can hear a...
  17. bazinga

    ticking noise....extractors?

    got a 5litre vn calais and its got this ticking noise from the engine bay and the previous owner said there is a small hole is the left extractor just want to know would a hole in the extractor make a ticking noise or was he just bullshitting me and it's something else? and would welding the...
  18. Jezmont

    Replace tappets in VR

    Hi Hoping someone can help with a couple of questions... 1. The engine is tick tick ticking away. I want to replace the tappets myself, if I can, as I know it costs an arm and a leg to get it done for you. Does anyone have any idea how or could give me some instructions?? 2. Today when...
  19. Disturbed_vegeta

    308 ticking sound

    did a bit of serch but i couldnt find anything appart from that the problem could be sticky lifters...but the go is that i just got a vk 308 4 speed from a mate, and it had a few issues with dieing and not starting for a while but i got that sorted, and now i went up to get some take out in it...