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tie down

  1. H

    VY Executive front tie-down points

    Hi all, Trying to find out where on a standard VY Executive Wagon FRONT I could safely (i.e., hopefully not on the bodywork!) affix ropes/straps for tying down canoes/kayaks and whatever else I end up sticking on top of it. Have had a bit of a look and can't find anything. Next step would be...
  2. A

    [QLD] WTB VZ Wagon Tie Down Looops

    ITEM: Tie down loops come in set of 4 and go in the cargo rails of the wagon. They allow you to tie cargo. When not in use, they are stored in a felt bag inside the hatch on the right side of the wagon. LOCATION: Qld - Gold Coasts CONDITION: New or used PRICE: Make an offer...