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tiger mica

  1. YMY-70Y

    [ACT] VT/VX Parts, HSV Garnish, Spoiler and bootlid - Tiger Mica

    ITEM: 1.HSV Rear Spoiler x2 (one Bermuda Blue) 2.HSV Garnish x2 (one Bermuda Blue) 3.Bootlid x 2 (one Bermuda Blue) 4.VT Headlights 5.VT S pac Rear bumper + Side skirts ***Sold*** 5.VT S pac front bumper ***Sold*** 6. Door cards, orange inserts ***Sold PP*** 7. S pac Seats, orange patterned...
  2. jakstas

    Vt2ss m6 Twin Turbo Build

    Bout time i dropped some info on the old girl, so here goes. 2000 VT, Series 2, t56 6spd Manual 124,000k's Suspension: Full Pedders rebuild. Each and every bush replaced with Urathane. Extreme Adjustable coilovers. Whiteline swaybars, Pedders Strutbrace Diff: Replaced standard tired LSD with...