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  1. D

    Sump plug stuck

    Gday all, Seems the young johnny that works in my chosen mechanic shop decided to tighten my oil filter and sump plug to buggary, now I can't get the sump plug to budge, I'm currently filing it down to fit an 18mm on it as the numerous attempts to remove it left it deformed. Anyone got any...
  2. BigBoss

    Really tight nuts

    Hey lads, I just had a shot at changing over my exhaust system and found that the nuts up the top end of the current system are impossibly tight.... because of the location it is hard to get much leverage on to them and short of a rattle gun i am stumped. Any suggestions? Thanks :)

    backfiring/spitting due to new extractors?

    Hey guys, had extractors on for around 3-4weeks and all of a sudden the car is spitting and backfiring under pressure. I can't spot the issue. but heard that after a few weeks it's a good idea to get your extractors tightened again cos they have begun to adjust to your system? that sound right...