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timing chain

  1. 06SVZ

    need help with timing chain

    hello, im replacing my timing chain with a kit from mace engineering. i have the… •2006 SVZ commodore with •3.6L alloytech v6 LY7 im just not sure if the chain on there has a roller chain or mores chain? guy from mace said i need to know before i buy the correct kit. thankyou if you have...
  2. 2

    Engine running fine after chains still showing p0017 2008 ve commodore sidi

    Hi everyone I have a 2008 ve commodore sidi 243xxx bought it with chains on the way out cheap drove it home not a problem I've done the chains over the last 2 days everything all lined up I did all guides gears oil pump etc I put it back together started it up and it ran beautifully not a...
  3. Benrileydavies

    Timing chain

    Hey guys, Im trying to do a DIY timing chain replacement because i cant afford 3k to get it done. Ive taken the rocket covers off and im about to take off the timing chain cover but the aircon compressor is in the way. Im having difficulty getting it off, i know there are skrews in total to...
  4. R

    Mechanic swapped my engine without telling me and lied on my RWC

    Hi all, When I originally bought my VE wagon I took it in for timing chain replacement and roadworthy, my mechanic completely swapped my engine with a second hand motor without telling me and then lied on the RWC, keeping the original engine number so I wouldn't catch on. Only reason I've...
  5. Phil G

    Timing Chain Mechanic Recommendations North Brisbane

    Hi All, My 2010 SV6 SiDi is throwing a P0008 code and a P0301 misfire code, and a P0087 (is this a fuel pressure issue?). They seem to be related as the car did not appear to have any issues prior to it going full limp mode on me today and is now showing both. However my research seems to...
  6. A

    Rattling noise 2006 vz

    Hi there, I have a commodore vz ( v6 ) 2006 & I just did timing chain & oil pump on it, after finishing the job it was running very smooth & quiet, as soon as i took it for test drive, I notice a rattling noise started coming & it goes worst when I accelerate. I need your help guys please. Is...
  7. S

    Recommendation for Timing Chain replacement mechanic in ACT or Sydney

    Hi, Can someone please recommend a good mechanic for timing chain replacement for my 2010 VE Commodore 3.0 it’s clocked 171K… thinking to keep it for 200K before buying new car. Thanks
  8. A

    Timing Chain - Series 2 VE SV6 Commodore

    Hi, I’m looking at getting a Series 2 VE SV6, do they have the same timing chain issues the earlier models had? Thanks
  9. Kalebnoc

    Strange noises, unsure if problematic.

    Please see attached. It’s a sv6 2010, I brought it about a month ago. And it’s making this strange noise. No check engine light, and it’s consistent. Just wanting to see if I should take precautions. Thank you and I apologise if this has been asked before
  10. Cellpoise

    Updating PCM in 08 VE Omega

    Hi there, i’m having a strange problem with my car, bad timing chain codes and engine lights along with bad drive etc, bad timing chain replaced and now it drives good as new but after a while it trips out again and does same as before, but when clearing the codes it drives good as new for...
  11. P

    Ve shutters. Auto gerrbox?

    Hi So I have a ve sv6 Ly7 2007 auto with 300.000klm on it. It shutters at various speeds but more noticeable around 70-80 especially going uphill or trying to accelerate on the highway. And also when slowing down. It seams to be getting worse as the car warms up. I took it to a mechanic who...
  12. Z

    Aircon compressor removal

    Hey guys first time poster, doing my timing chains in my 2009 VE SV6. Need help with how to take off aircon compressor to access the last bolt for the front timing cover. TIA
  13. R

    VE Alloytec new chains clicking and running rough

    Hey all, I just put new timing chains, tensioners & chain guides on a 3.6 alloytec engine. I thought I did everything right and it's a job I've done before... Starting the car up the chains are extremely loud/clicky and the RPM falls+surges, almost stalling out at idle. These problems are new...
  14. A

    Its not always lifter tick. Ve SSV.

    Posted a thread on here a few weeks back regarding what I initially thought was just a lifter tick. After getting it to the shop it turned out to be an obliterated timing chain tensioner. Knocking noise: https://youtube.com/shorts/bdhhjY1etkA?feature=share I'll add that in addition to the...
  15. J

    Timing chain marks and can location

    Hi I’m currently working on my 2006 sv6 ve, replacing the timing chain pulleys and tensioners, I have bought the best quality chain and tensioner kit I could find and I have dismantled and I am at the stage of the chain itself, the car showed timing code and rattled on start up until it just...
  16. N

    Admin - Please delete this post

    To be deleted
  17. V

    Cam timing issues

    I'm not sure how to set the cam timing on my vr v6 I've stripped it to block as it was buggered and I was curious and ive cleaned everything up and sourced some bits from another engine and its going back together and it might actually run ifff I can work out how the cam timing works I see...
  18. Pep998

    Ve omega 06 Ticking noise/Engine light

    Just after some advice , have a Ve commy omega 06 , ive had the Engine light come Up on the dash, got a ticking noise from the motor and sometimes when I try to start it , it will start and cut straight out or struggle to start other times it’s fine, everything else seems to be good. Any ideas...
  19. M

    Timing chains replacement VE 2006

    Hello can anyone tell me at what mileage I should be looking at changing the timing chains on my 2006 v6 Commodore. Car recently purchased and with out history ,showing 168,000 klms. Fault code light was on and dealer said it was timing chain/ tensioners needing replacement but light...
  20. J

    SV6 won’t idle

    So, bought my sv6 last month. (It is a 3.6 LLT SIDI) (Also sorry for long thread but I thought the backstory was needed) Had it for a couple weeks then noticed a rattling sound, took it straight back to the dealership from which I had bought it. Their mechanic later said that it was the...
  21. Berlina&Jag guy

    Don’t always assume timing chain!

    Thought I’d post a quick note to describe my recent engine issues- vz alloytec 3.6 with about 207,000k Was way down on power, running rough and check powertrain was coming on all the time especially if I tried to apply any force or go up a hill too quick. Fuel economy had gone off the chart...
  22. B

    ANOTHER timing chain question..

    hi guys, I am doing maintenance on a secondhand LY7 3.6 alloytec and have noticed that the timing marks on both banks don’t line up with the marks on the sprockets. (will attach a picture for reference.) just bought this engine secondhand, and it has been sitting for sometime out of a car...
  23. B

    Timing chain question

    Hi all, hoping someone can give me a second opinion I am getting a secondhand engine on my 08 SV6 due to the timing chain being shot in my current engine ($900 for a secondhand one with warranty sounds better than $2000 + for a new timing chain) and I am wondering what your guys opinion is on...
  24. C

    Chain rattle in engine but no trouble codes

    Car makes noise like timing chain is going but not throwing any trouble codes. Rough on idles but when air con is on it idles better. The fuel trim on bank 1 is -14 and bank 2 is -8. So maybe oxygen sensor or something. Car is sluggish so maybe a bad coil pack Other than all the above and an...
  25. L

    My Sludge Adventure

    I have 2008 Omega which has been making all sorts of awful noises when starting from cold. I have done quite a lot of reading in here and decided that there was a good chance that there was sludge in the engine. I decided to pop the rocker covers off and have a look, and also drop the sump and...
  26. DeathSammich

    L67 Timing Chain

    Will be changing the heads on my L67 very soon and was just wondering if it's worth changing the timing chain at the same time? The car has done about 260000kms. How long do these chains last? Will replacing it pick up some lost power? And is there a guide on here to do it? Cheers.
  27. J

    VE SV6 2012 Fuel Economy

    Hey all, I’ve got a Series 2 VE SV6 Wagon 2012 and it’s been pretty good on economy getting about 10.8L/100km with about 70/30 city/country driving. I’ve had a look around and a few people seem to thinking a cold air intake plus extractors is the way to go to get better fuel economy and a...
  28. N

    Alloytec rough idle after timing chain replacement

    2006 VZ with Alloytec engine, purchased as DOA, the crankshaft gear was spinning inside the chain basically. Replaced the chains and guides , tensioners etc put it all back together and it ran fine for a little while (2 hours running). At this point the engine will start and run but will not...
  29. N

    VZ Alloytec Timing Chain and Other Issues

    So I've picked up a 2006 Holden Commodore Acclaim (Wagon) with the Alloytec LE0. The car was purchased DOA, previous owner advised "timing chains snapped". From what we've been told they went into a shop came out a few hours later and it wouldn't start. They engine would turn over, making a...
  30. R

    Need Help ?!?

    Hey guys, So I just got my timing chains replaced a couple days ago due to errors popping up on my dash. (esp off, check engine, saftey mode & power reduced). Got it back yesterday and it drove fine until today! All the errors popped up again and now my car won't even start? It turns over but...
  31. J

    Best Mechanic shop to get VZ timing chain replaced

    hey guys, title says it all! unfortunately my 2004 VZ will need this costly repair done. I've done a little research and cant seem to find a mechanics website that specializes in replacing timing chains that aren't based in VIC or the Gold Coast. can anyone point me in the right directions?
  32. Revhigh

    [VIC] For sale / FS Timing Chain Kit Holden VZ VE VF V6 3.6l Alloytec SIDI

    ITEM: Genuine timing chain kit for sale for the LY7 LEO LWR LU1 LCA 3.6l motors found in the Holden Commodore, Rodeo Crewman, Adventra, One Tonner, Calais, Statesman, Caprice 3 x chains 6 x guides 3 x Tensioners 1 x Gasket Set We have few 2 x spare kits that have been opened for display and...
  33. Revhigh

    VZ VE VF Premium Timing Chain kits and install $999 supply only $330 pp

    August update - We can now supply GENUINE TIMING CHAIN KITS as well on our website. Please select Genuine kits when checking out, or request a Genuine Timing Kit install when dropping off your vehicle. Timing Chain Kits available to suit the VZ VE VF 3.0 and 3.6L LY7, LEO, LU1, LLT, LFX, LFW...
  34. V

    Timing chain replaced - Engine rattles 20 000km later. Possible cause?

    Hi, I have a series I VE. The engine started to rattle at about 105-110000 km and so I got the chains replaced. Chains bought from the Holden dealer. Chains bought late 2013 I think. The engine now has 135 000km on it and has started to rattle again when I first start it up. Just like before...
  35. T

    vz timing chain

    Hi, i'm trying to replace timing chain on alloytec engine. I'm following these instructions Alloytech-VACC.pdf. I cant get the timing marks to align at the 1st stage. After much work I aligned the top secondary LH like this: But the primary chain is not aligned according to instructions...
  36. N

    jerk at low RPM help please

    Ever since I bought this car its been jerking at low RPM. Not quite sure if it happens whilst accelerating or decelerating but it's in between 1000 - 2000 RPM. The car has done 97000 and the engine light comes only sometimes. Could this be the timing chain? I'm not sure if it's only the...
  37. decco

    VE ECU software - where to source?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to 'fix' a potential timing chain issue on an '06 VE Berlina. It is resulting in the Check Engine Light coming on and staying on. Two possible solutions I have found thus far, aside from replacing the belts themselves (v. costly) are: 1. disconnect battery to reset...
  38. M

    Another VE Timing Chain Post :/

    Hey everybody, I'm just trying to pick some brains here. I bought a 2009 VE Berlina (3.6L 195kw Alloytec) 5 months ago with 115,000 on the clock. Since I've had it, I've put another 12,000 on. About 3 weeks ago, I noticed an intermittent rattle that sounded suspiciously like a timing...
  39. S

    Timing Chain Issue VE Commodore 2006 HELP PLEASE

    My 2006 Commodore has been checked out by my mate who is a mechanic at a Toyota Workshop. My engine warning light has been on for a few weeks and the error message indicated i needed to replace Cam Sensors which i had done. A week later the light came back on and after getting online and my...
  40. A

    VZ SV6 Powertrain Problem

    I have a 2005 VZ SV6 Manual (113,000 km) from Perth and have an issue with the Powertrain warning, that I am hoping someone can share their experience with. It all started approximately 2 years ago after I returned from a 12 month trip overseas. On my return, I had it serviced and was told the...