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  1. N

    Misfiring 07 3.6

    we have an 07 VE with 135,000km, battery died so I replaced it. Everything worked fine until the next day when it developed a bad misfire on cylinders 1,2,4 & 6. I replaced the coils and plugs and the misfire was still there but now cylinders 2 & 6. Disconnect the battery to see if that would...
  2. R

    VT not starting Grounding issue? BCM??

    Hey so I’ve been having problems starting the VT. Got a new remote attached to the original head from mr minit worked for a week flawlessly then buckled it. Car cranks but it’s as if fuel isn’t sending but the pump primes and works well under load, also once the car decides to start there’s a...
  3. R

    Timing marks on the pulley are broken off

    So i have a VL Executive. I believe the timing is out of whack. I'm wondering how i can time it when the little marks on the pulley are actually broken off. I really would like to avoid buying a new pulley if i can because i've already spent more money on my VL than i really wanted to. Here's...
  4. N

    Double row timing chain alignment

    Hi guys Just got a cam and rollmaster double row timing chain installed and degreed by my mechanic and I’ve notoiced that that crank sprocket for the chain sits 0.35mm closer to the block then the cam gear and the front of the teeth on the cam sprocket have scoring marks as if the chain is...
  5. Aymen Pedram

    3.6L LLT SIDI Just finished changing chains.. A bit confused HELP!

    Car - 2009 Holden VE Ute Engine - 3.6L SIDI (LLT) Timing Kit - Cloyes Brand Kept throwing codes for exhaust side cam fast forward to now, i've replaced the timing chains and idler gears (NOT THE CAM GEARS) Everything goes on nicely, all marks line up not rocket science. Problem is.. When im...
  6. sundaydriver

    Low vacuum with no leaks, correct TDC, and ignition timing

    1983 VH 202 3.3L straight-6 with the Varajet II. I am getting ~15 inches/mercury vacuum. Which puts it in the 'late ignition timing' zone on the vacuum gauge. The effect of this a jerky acceleration at low speed @ initial take off. Occasionally a hesitation when taking off hard at very low...
  7. sundaydriver

    [SOLVED] Vacuum reading interpretation

    Googling this is like googling 'head ache' - lots of different results. So, hoping some of you knowledgeable people can help me out. From what I've read, the low (13-14 inch) reading is indicative of off/bad engine/valve timing? And the steady 1+ inch drop/return is likely a sticky/burnt...
  8. rtmpgt

    Strange issue after installing timing chains.

    Hey all, New here. Before you panic, I searched this. Didn't come up in my results. Okay, so I've got myself a 2008 SV6. (bloody Alloytecs, I know!!) Recently got the help of one of my mates to get a timing chain swap done. After putting the chains on the car, we noticed that whilst we were...
  9. A

    05 Statesman timing chain rattle??

    I have a 05 WL Statesman that makes a rattle on start up for about 3 seconds, could it be the timing chain?
  10. V

    1998 VT Constant Misfire

    hi all looking for some advice on the problem my vt has been giving me before i throw more $$$ at it! Drove it this morning to take the Mrs to work without any issues about a 30min drive, then 4 hours later going to pick her up about 2 minutes after leaving home it starts misfiring still...
  11. C

    Missing/Timing problem WH Statesman

    Hey guys, I have a 99 WH Statesman. Lately it's been missing and/or the engine has been jolting a little bit randomly. Hot or cold. Never stalled. Don't notice it really at 100kph. But notice it a lot when you just touch the accelerator. Sometimes I can get a whole day without any...
  12. B

    vr 5 l running 5 cylinders

    i can pull the leads of 4,6 and 8 cylinders and doesnt make a difference, any chance it has anything to do with timing? new plugs leads dizzy cap,swapped ignition module and coil, no difference, any ideas? did a search on here but didnt find anything to help my situation
  13. M

    Running rough!

    Hi all, I've just recently had all the belts changed on my VZ SS, since then it has been running a little rough, is this just coincidence or is it a timing issue from the mechanic not retuning it after the new belts went on?
  14. speed__demond

    304 10.5 comp and crow 4761 cam idle and power issues

    hey all, got the new motor in this weekend (finally) just a few minor problems. I hav to turn the idle cable up so it idles at 1000-1100 so it wont stall.. also its pretty gutless really... could this all just be the timings off? I have to get hold of a timing light so I thought id hit up...
  15. B

    VZ SV6 misfiring issue

    Hi there, I have a vz sv6 and it seems to have an unusual problem that i cant seem to diagnose. I had two mechanics and a holden head mechanic look at it and all three mechanics cant seem to find out what was causing it to run poorly. I had the coilpacks removed and checked and they were...
  16. michaelsh1993

    Timing Chain Cover Oil Leak ***Need Help :(

    I have a VE Omega 2006, ive recently taken it to holden for a service and they say there is an oil leak at the timing chain cover, its going to cost me 1600 to reseal the timing chain cover, the car has done 155 thousand kms, is it difficult do do yourself? reccomendations would be great as i...
  17. X

    VT Timing

    Was wondering if anyone can tell me what timing should be set on for a 5ltr VT with a mild racing cam
  18. M

    Tming Chain Problems

    Hey guys, I've got a problem and I'm hoping that someone can help me out :) I'm rebuilding a Holden V8 to go into my VK commodore. I've changed the heads to VN ones and installed a new EFI camshaft. Now the problem is on the crankshaft gear theres no markings so I'm having trouble...
  19. O

    Carby Backfire and Valve timing - Need Help!

    Hey All, First I'd like to say that I love this site; and the vast majority of the time I find all the info I need on existing posts and help where I can. But this time I'm in dire need of a complicated problem. I have an 85' VK commo, black 202 6 cyl. I have Scraped the EST and am...
  20. S

    the mystery 5ltr

    hey guys ive been trying 2 fix my 5ltr vq statesman on and off for afew months now because it broke down in a town 4 hours away and the only mechanic in the town is as dodgey as they come :( . i have spoken 2 alot of other mechanics and searched my heart out trying to find the answer but it just...
  21. S

    Timing Setting LPG 5L

    Hi, my VQ Statesman has a 5 litre V8 with an APA gas system fitted in 2007. I am aware that on normal petrol setting it should 10 degrees advanced from TDC. Just wondering if anyone knows what the timing is on an LPG fitted car?
  22. BoNeZ-01

    [NSW] WTB: Stock Oil Filter Adaptor-VS V6

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Original Oil Filter Adaptor, for a VS s1 V6 Ecotec. LOCATION: NSW, Central West. CONDITION: Used in good, serviceable condition is fine, new if available. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Prefer by post, as I do not have my own vehicle to travel, I will...
  23. U

    Tuning VS V8 Ignition timing

    Hi All, Could anyone plz help with these two queries. I'm trying to tune the ignition timing on my VS Executive V8, 355 Stroker; but I ran into two problems: 1) The beast has a Haltech E6GMX computer (with MSD 6A ignition) - but according to the repair manual I need to set the computer to...
  24. VK SL 3800

    Vk HEI Dizzy conversion help.

    Going to put a Vh HEI dizzy into my Vk to to finally put an end to crap timing woes with my EST system constantly trying to advance of the scale. have only 1 question: Where do you run the the vacuum advance line to? as i understand vh commies have a special port on the carb for it an vk's...
  25. W

    [QLD] WTB- VN6 S1 Timing sprocket

    ITEM: VN6 Series 1 Timing Sprocket (the small one that fits on the crankshaft) LOCATION: QLD but post is ok CONDITION: Good used or cheap new DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION:Will pay postage or, if close to Brisbane, will pick up . PAYMENT OPTIONS: Direct Deposit or your preference...