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  1. Vf2_driver

    Best tint for VF

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to tint a vf2 sv6 and I'm after some advice on where to go and where I can get the darkest tint? I'd love to hear any recommendations, my last tint on my VY2 s was at tint-a-car box hill, I think I got OCTANE was pretty happy with it but I hope to hear from people. Also...
  2. Fandango68

    Rear window demister and removing old tint - VY Wagon

    Noob, but a Commodore lover here. I want to remove the rear window tint as it's bubbling, but I stupidly started peeling it by hand and now I have flaky bits and glue left behind. Most of the plastic layer is still there. I've Googled techniques from plastic black bags to create heat and melt...
  3. 1998 VT Executive

    1998 VT Executive

    Lowered at the rear with custom bumpers, skirts and wing Tinted tail lights and windows 19" Wheels 3.6L V6 Custom exhaust tips
  4. KrisHolden

    VF Commodore Calais Rear Glass Antenna?

    Hi It is my understanding the VE series has a diversity antenna which includes the roof antenna for the radio and an antenna that runs through the rear glass demister of the car. Does anybody know if in the VF series this is also true? I have just installed a metallic tint under advice from...
  5. lurkin91

    headlight tint spray

    I have just got my new tail lights and blacked them out with a can vht nite-shade translucent black lens paint and they look mint. My question is should i hit them with a clear coat for that added protection or will it mess with the tint? It dosent say anything about it on the can.
  6. B

    Coloured tint legal?

    So iv seen some pre cut tints on eBay that are coloured ie blue in colour (and others) are they legal here in nsw?
  7. Jaz11

    Tinted Headlight Covers

    Hey peeps. Anyone have any experience with the tinted headlight covers that are around for most models? Are they Legal? Will the light shine through fine? Do you like them? Im trying to find maybe a lighter tint rather than the following Fully blacked out covers if anyone knows of any (I have...
  8. xCalliba

    National Petition to change the laws of Window Tinting!

    Hey guys, Just a quick thread to spread the word on a national petition started by the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand that is going around to change the laws on window tinting across Australia. You may have noticed a lot of new cars now that come standard with Privacy...
  9. D

    New window tint scratched - Need advice!

    Hi guys, I need some advice on my situation. I booked my car in at Tint a Car in metro SA for today, and when I dropped it off I mentioned to the guy behind the counter that my rear right window leaves marks on the window and if there was anything they could do to stop it scratching the tint...
  10. BigBoss

    Keeping My Ride Cool

    Hey All, So in the summer my black Omega gets real hot sitting at uni all day. Besides from a tint and those silver sun reflectors are there any tips or gadgets I could use to stop her from getting to hot? Thanks
  11. DmanVT

    [VIC] Window Tint and 24" Decal question? :S

    Hey all i have a vt commodore and i am going to get it tinted in August (when i turn 18) Recently i ordered a 24" Kicker decal on ebay for the rear window, I was wondering what are the restrictions / Laws for decals on rear window. Also would i be better off to wait until the tint is...
  12. DmanVT

    DMANS Morpheus Purple Series II VT Sedan

    Please take note that the first images are the latest images and the images/ posts after are the progress as the car build went along This is my first car and so i have just gradually been working on bits and pieces and am very happy with it :) Name: Darcy Age: 20 Location: Near Ballarat in...
  13. M

    NEw window tint for my ride

    Hi all am keen to locate a GOOD window tinting company in the bayside area, jsut purchased new SS V redline series and I think the card yard is charging to to much to have it tinted with them $500 (darkest legal tint) Thks
  14. preston_e

    [General] Tinting your windows Read this first!!! DIY

    Hey, awhile ago I tinted my vp and it turned out to be a pretty good job I think... It cost me about $60 for the tint I had some left over’s and re-did some windows I wasn't happy with. Turns out it wasn't as hard as I thought ill run thu the way I did it. What I used. -razors -rubber...
  15. Brittennn

    Insurance claims

    Hey all im Jake and im new to this forum. i was just wondering if anyone has had trouble making a claim due to mods on your VZ like tinting, rims and being lowered etc.? im looking to mod my car and am trying to do some research first. cheers guys.
  16. 666vt

    my vt executive

    hi guys. this is my vt. its only a 6 cos im on my p's. will buy an 8 when i get off them. purchased it for $5k in full grandma spec in june 2008. Model: 98 executive Colour: raven blue black (I think) Engine: 3.8l Exhaust: not too sure but i paid close to $900 for it, with...