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  1. M

    NEw window tint for my ride

    Hi all am keen to locate a GOOD window tinting company in the bayside area, jsut purchased new SS V redline series and I think the card yard is charging to to much to have it tinted with them $500 (darkest legal tint) Thks

    What do you think of my tail lights?

    Hey all, I just did my rear lights using 'Night Shades' spray from AutoBarn for $15. I have 3 coats on the brake lights and used thin tape to make the lines on them (also keeps them legal). I later tinted the reverse lights with 2 coats and the indicators with 1 coat. Let me know what you...

    VS tint tail lights patterns?

    Hey everyone, There is many threads on 'tinting rear lights' with nightshade from Autobarn and legal issues etc. I believe this question is a bit different so i made a new thread. I was wondering if I were to tint the rear lights, but use tape to make a pattern on the back of the...
  4. elbow31

    first car 97 S2 VS Exec

    MODEL:1994 VR Statesman Sedan COLOUR: White EXTERIOR: Debaged, trolley strips removed, tinted lights, chrome windows GEAR BOX: 4sp DIFF: Standard BRAKES: Standard SUSPENSION: SSL King Springs, Monroe Sports GT Shocks INTERIOR: VS Calais full leather, WHEELS: Genuine Signatures, 245s EXHAUST...