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  1. Scheme


    Got stock everything, except pod filter, and straight pipe from middle resignator back with twin 3'' tip, nothing great at all. Looking to get extractors as at high revs I sometimes have 'flat spots' and feels like the car is very slightly 'kangaroo/bunny hopping'... Also would sound be any...
  2. C

    [QLD] Fs: Ve sv6 rear mufflers. Genuine pair

    ITEM: Pair of GENUINE Holden SV6 rear mufflers (SEDAN). LOCATION: Brisbane QLD CONDITION: Used, in very good condition. No dents. Only fitted for 40,000kms. (Removed only due to upgrade, stored safely and collecting dust.) PRICE: Make an offer, nothing reasonable refused!! DELIVERY/PICK UP...
  3. vscom88

    96 acclaim

    i recently just bought a 2.5 inch cat back exhaust with only 1 muffler but wanted to get like a dumper on the back of it or somethin like that. any ideas what would look good? <a href='http://img359.imageshack.us/my.php?image=12052009020.jpg'><img...