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  1. S

    Wheel Sizes for my 2002 VU II s pack simmons

    Hi there, i've been driving around with crappy ssw 19'' 8.5 wheels on my vu ute s for a couple months now and i'm looking for an upgrade, i've been looking into satin black simmons fr19 wheels on ebay (new) 19'' with 8.5 front and 9.5 back. I'm unsure if they will fit. what tires and offset...
  2. adam sv6

    Steering wobble/positive camber/tire wear.... NOT ALIGGNMENT

    Please someone help me before i roll my car off a cliff... Without going into detail, its not the brakes or alignment or **** tyres. I have had all combinations of these and nothing makes a difference. Using a builders level its clear the tyre is positively cambered ands it causing wear on...
  3. L

    French new owner in trouble

    Hi i'm Vincent, pretty new on the forum even if i follow it since a while. I'm French, traveling around australia and i bought a commodore some months ago. I'm a bit worried because i don't know australian cars & laws... I've got a VS Executive V6 3.8 auto with an exhaust system, big...
  4. L

    2009 Pontiac G8 - Holden Commodore Suspension

    Looking for some information regarding front end pull on my car. Driving down the road straight, the car goes straight and works fine. Take a corner at normal speed, the car will start pulling to that side after the turn for a while - about a mile or 2 driving straight. Take a turn fast and...
  5. V

    03 VY Berlina

    Hey guys, i've recently bought my first car after working for a year and the 03 VY Berlina was my choice. So far the car is all stock and the only thing i've done is take the mud flaps off and get a gas tank fitted. I have pretty much no idea about mechanics but would love to know how to work...
  6. nazphu

    Mastercraft tires - mileage warranty?

    Anybody running Mastercraft Avenger Touring LSR tires on their commodores? I am interested in them because they guarantee a minimum of 60000km for their 245/45/18 tires. (Also noticed on the US website they guarantee the same tires for 50000 miles - 80467 km) This is more than I usually...

    2000 VT S-Pack 5 tyres + 5 mags price?

    Hey all, Since my last car got written off I now have a commodore VT-S pack. I was just wondering what sort of money I'd be looking at if i sold my wheels? They are the stock VT S-Pack Series II 16" rims. 5 rims + 5 tyres. Probably a little bit of a scrape here and there, but nothing...
  8. Disturbed_vegeta

    [QLD] FS: Xhp Vegas 20" Wheels with tyres. Multi-stud

    ITEM: 20 inch xhp vegas rims with tyres. LOCATION: brisbane, qld CONDITION: used, with very minor rash, cant notice it untill you look for it PRICE: 1700 ONO, or swaps for Sigs, Vx gts, vy gts, ve gts or other 20s. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT...
  9. F

    [VIC] 4 15" Stockies with %95 tires

    [SOLD] 4x15" Stockies SOLD, to the man in the hat. ITEM: 4 15" stock rims and tires off a VS, will fit VB-VZ. LOCATION: Cloverlea, VIC. CONDITION: Used, good condition. Tires have %95 tread on them still. PRICE: $200. Will split if you can find a buyer for the remaining. IE; You want two...
  10. I

    What is the widest wheel size that I can fit into My VZ

    My Question is what is the widest wheel size I could fit in my VZ SS? Front & Rear... I remember that Pontiac GTO had a factory defect because it was equipped with extra wide wheels that caused tires to by ripped apart :unsure: So I'm trying to be extra cautious here. :thumbsup: Thanks in...