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  1. A

    OBD2 ELM 327 bluetooth fault codes

    Hi everyone, I scanned my friend's 2005 Holden Commodore using this OBD2 ELM 327 bluetooth scan tool I bought from ebay and it showed me these codes: C3700 C3F24 and I can't find what are these codes mean *note* my friend's ABS is broken so one of them is the ABS code thank you
  2. A

    Crossmember Centering Tool - Holden AU-457 and AU-458

    I am looking for the dimensions of the Holden Cross-member Centering Tools for front and rear of VX through VZ Commodores. I believe that the tool numbers are AU-457 and AU-458. They are very simple tools that locate the center of both cross-members by inserting both ends into vacated bolt...
  3. P

    Head Unit Removal Tool - Mazda 121

    This isn't commodore related so sorry if this is in the wrong section - I just figured car audio would be the place. Can an admin move my thread if necessary.(normally my questions are about my VT, i'm not just using this forum for this.) I am looking for a tool to remove the stereo from my...
  4. Static89

    Hsv vs fpv

    If i had the money i think i would seriously consider a F6 typhoon, because i like the idea of a turbo sedan and the F6 puts it to alot of 8's whyy havnt HSV come out with a decent turbo six?? sure they did the supercharged 6 thing but well, that wasn't as good as i hoped for, any ideas on...