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top gear

  1. B

    When did Clarkson drive...

    I'm trying to find the video in which clarkson drive the vt/vx clubsport, which was rebadged as something else in Britain. I don't know if it was on top gear or one of the other shows that he's done. I can find the monaro one and the ve one, but I really want to find the older vt/vx one. Thanks...
  2. cpbait

    V8 blender on topgear

    did any one see the v8 blender on top gear? i want one :D 6.2 ltr v8 out of the corvetes, sounded tough strout out of the pipes :D
  3. BullittSV6

    New Top Gear UK Series

    The boys are back, 26th of October the new series of Top Gear UK airs in the UK. They are currently filming in the US to test the new generation of muscle cars... going to be awesome...I haven't been downloading anything for months; that will change!