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torque figures

  1. DeathSammich

    L67 Rebuild

    I'm rebuilding an L67 and need to know what to torque everything too. Is there a L67 Rebuild guide anywhere? Also I have mace hbeam forged rods on JE pistons and it says the rods need to be torqued to 75nm, does this sound right? Thanks
  2. G

    VR With 3.9L (bored) VY ECOTEC V6

    Has anyone done an ECOTEC conversion into a VR Commodore, running the VR wiring and chip? Basically, I've had 4 motors in the car now (due to 2 VR motors throwing bearings on me, and having NOT been hammered, as well as the original motor having big-ends thrown when I purchased the car)...