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  1. B

    04 VZ - Torque Management

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone knows how I can disable the torque management on the ecu? No I don't want to do this for skids I want to do it cause I like to open it up on the highway a little and it just feels gutless, and can only think that it's the torque management being a pain...
  2. B

    Water pump torque bolt settings

    Anyone know what torque value the 6, 10mm water pump bolts should be on the water pump of an L98? Should I use loctite?
  3. N

    VZ SV6 190 Tune

    FYI Noobie. Hey I have recently started modding my car and wondering what the best tune would be for it. I have read through threads but was wondering what tune would be good for my car in particular with the mods below. Car - 2005 VZ SV6 Alloytech190 Modifications - MACE CAI - MACE...
  4. A

    VY SS Torque settings (brake calipers)

    Hi, I'm about to replace my rotors and pads on my '03 VY SS Ute and have been trying to find the nut/screw torque settings for the calipers, I'm only doing the rears but i'd love the front settings as well for future reference. Could someone please help me out, Would be greatly appreciated...
  5. H

    VY II Calais Supercharged vs VE Calais V

    Hi all, Im wanting to buy a Holden Calais VY II Supercharged version but I'm curious to know which has more power. I love the look of it a lot better than the VE. I currently have a Holden Calais V VE, would the VY Supercharged have more power? Your advice is appreciated.
  6. F

    [QLD] Looking for more torque 3.8 v6

    Ive just picked up a 96' VS wagon. Looking at what mods i would need to do in order to get better pick up. As it is its got plugs leads and exhaust done. Im looking at getting high lift cams, a Mod chip or bigger injectors. I do want to keep this car relitivly quite as i do use it as a family...
  7. adam sv6

    Wheel torque settings

    Hey quick question, what are the front wheel bolts of sv6 torqued to?
  8. tHe_sTiG

    Redlining: How bad is it really?

    Well, I'm sure we all were in that situation... highway completely empty, already picking up some speed, then hmmm... lets see what this baby can do! Foot down, shifts down, picking up speed like there's no tomorrow! Just wondering, is there any real damage done to the Alloytec on the Executive...
  9. R

    intermittent torque converter lock up problem.

    Hi there, I have an interesting problem with the 4 speed auto on a 6 Cyl VL. Basically at random times the torque converter does not appear to lock or randomly unlocks even though my speed is constant (I.E. 100 km/h) It still shifts through all 4 gears but it just does not lock the converter. I...
  10. Paul_grima

    VN Auto Changeover NEED HELP!!! :(

    Hey guys im looking for any kind of help i can get with this. Recently i bent the chassis in my series 1 Vn commodore executive. It has a decent auto, motor and tailshaft, diff etc.. The car is not fixable or safe to drive. I have pickd up a series 2 Vn Calais needing a geabox n tailshaft...
  11. premium

    VK Speed

    Hi, You guys are going to think I'm absurd but I have a scenario: Unlimited time and money, I want to make my VK 202 as fast as physically possible. NO FUEL-INJECTION! and No V8s. Apart from those two rules, anything goes.
  12. VK SL 3800

    VK Flywheel bolts

    Lost my manual somewhere and i need to know what your supposed to tension the flywheel bolts and clutch bolts down to. Car is a vk 85 EST black motor. Thanks
  13. C

    Costs for a Torque Converter Clutch

    Ok guys as I am still have the problem of the car shuddering at 2000revs (very noticable at over 80kph) and the only thing that it seems is could be is the Troque Converter Clutch, how much would I be looking at for a new one? Whats the cost of a new TCC and what labour charges am I looking at...