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  1. seraphic06

    Towbar Specifications Sticker

    Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement for the Towbar Specifications sticker that appears on the driver's side door frame of my wagon? I would dearly like to replace mine.
  2. G

    VS Statesman Towbar - Installed Pics please

    Hi, I'm looking for a secondhand towbar for my 1995 VS Stateman which I'm planning to install myself. I've found a couple online (over 100km away) with pictures but, having looked under the of the car, I can't visualize how they would fit around the fuel tank and diff. Some examples which...
  3. T

    [VIC] Wanting to fit a towbar to my 09 VE omega

    I'm wanting to buy and fit a towbar to my omega 3.0 ltr. What's the cheapest and best way to do so? Also where?
  4. V

    VX towbar fit a VE ???

    Hi Guys, can anyone tell me will a VX (2001) towbar fit a VE (2012) ??? As I have my old towbar from my VX SS sedan and was planning on selling it but then realised maybe it will fit my new VE SV6... any ideas ... Cheers Chris!
  5. S

    Hayman Reese hitch

    Hello, I purchased a hayman reese towbar 1930RL from ebay (eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d) and have just realised I have bought the wrong size hitch/lug to suit (2"). I have measured the inside on the receiver and it is 40x40mm, and now cannot find a hitch to...
  6. SV6 Matt

    Would people buy these?

    Would people consider buying these if i made more and if so what sort of price would they think is fair? its got the hole for the pin to go through as you can see and it is a neat fit into the stock tow bar hole.. And the writing could be smaller and say more or have different logos etc. This...
  7. D

    VY Ute towbar

    Just about to reinstall the towbar to my ute (came with the ute when I bought it, was just never installed) Anyway I just wanted to make sure that this is right, there are predrilled holes dirrectly into the tray, I'm guessing that it just bolts into that underneith??.. I havent yet had a...
  8. K

    VS STATESMAN Towbar Fitting.. Needs help PLEEAASSEE :)

    Anyone know how to fit a towbar on a vs statesman..?? Needs help please :) Any ideas..?? :hmmm: I get were the bit at the back goes.... its just the bit at the front, does it go onto the rear diff independent suspension or under it or ontop of it or what...?? i need help please.... :) :hmmm:
  9. D

    [VIC] WTB: VY Wagon HD Tow bar

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy - VY Wagon Heavy Duty Tow Bar ITEM: I am chasing a heavy duty tow bar (2100kg) to suit a VY commodore wagon (company car) LOCATION: Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs), VIC CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to pay for postage if the price...
  10. V

    Installing a towbar for Vr Commy, solid diff.

    Gday all, ive recently purchased a towbar setup with all the bolts etc from ebay, my problem is is that by the design of it it looks like i may have to drop the fuel tank to access the bolt holes needed. I've searched these forums but found no where that the tank needs to be dropped...
  11. Scheme

    Take off / Remove Towbar - Urgent!

    I have a Vn wagon and I just want to remove the towbar component itself which is helt in by 2 bolts as so if later I wanted to replace it, I can throw the length of tow-bar back in, fit it to the holes, by eye, and then throw the 2 bolts in. HOWEVER I cannot seem to get them undone, they're so...
  12. xxplosiv

    [VIC] WTB - VT towbar tongue

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: The end part of the towbar, the flat-bar steel tongue that holds the towball that bolts on to the rest of the assembly with one heavy duty bolt. LOCATION: Bendigo, Victoria CONDITION: Used, or new. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Would pickup possibly...
  13. Shorty33

    VE sedan towbar

    I want to put a towbar on my 2010 Omega 3.0 sedan. I want the detachable, square-section hitch - sometimes called "Hayman Reese", but other people make them too. The manual says the maximum for the 3.6 & V8 is 2100kg, but for the 3.0 only 1600kg - not sure that I can work out why there's a...
  14. B

    Towbar + Gas...

    OK... now I have no idea if I'm being spun a line of bullshit, or if there is a valid reason... looking for opinions/advice. I've spoken to a few people about getting gas put on, and also about a towbar and one guy (towbar guy) has told me that I need to get the towbar done first. He said...
  15. JAKE-26

    [VIC] Cheap towbar installers in melbourne area.

    Hey guys. Looking to get a full towbar installed on a ve omega. I live in croydon hills, melbourne so if someone knows any places in surrounding areas that can do a good job at a good price let me know! Holden wanted to charge 700 alone for the towbar! ridiculous! Appreciate it, cheers!
  16. J

    Towbar on VR Calais 5L?

    Hey Commies! I've got a quick question about my 93 VR Calais: I'm moving interstate, and was wondering if anyone knows where I would be able to find someone to install a towbar for me, and how much it would approximately cost. I'm currently located on the Gold Coast, but have no problem...