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  1. A

    Toyota 120 Prado head unit into VZ?

    So I'm looking to upgrade the head unit in my VZ SV6. My father recently upgraded the head unit in his 120 Prado so he now has a factory 120 Prado double din head unit lying around. Does anyone know if it'll work in my VZ? I know I'd need to get a fascia, adapters, etc.
  2. Go_Slow

    My Toyota Hiace CamperVan Project

    Hi Guys! Have always dreamed of doing the australia tour, so recently brought a hiace commuter (SLWB, and can stand in it!) got the added benefit of LPG aswel. Picked her up cheap cleaned her up. The engine is nearing its life, however I just wanted to ask. She has worn valves, which is the...
  3. trav27

    [NSW] Weird sound that no one has been able to figure out yet.

    Hi guys, I have a question here that doesn't involve a commodore, but it's stumped us and the couple of mechanics we have taken it too. My mother has a 98 Toyota Starlet. And as of late there is a quite noticeable loud whining noise once the car is about over 20kms. It sounds like somethings...

    My First Car, VN

    Hey Guys!! This is my first car, Its a Toyota Lexcen that i bought early last year! The Car is soo smooth, i guess the one good one of the batch. No Rattles, no problems what so ever!! So far the Vn has a 3 inch stainless steel exhaust with headers, Lowerd 2 inches on king springs, chipped...