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  1. T

    VX Berlina ls1 TPS problems?!

    First time poster guys, be gentle :P So I've gotten this car off a mate, its had some work done, heads, cam, tuned to about 270 maffless tune otr all that jazz. Now the car seems to be having a tps issue, but it happens very intermittently I could be cruising along no problems car will shift...
  2. A

    Low idle issue CV8Z

    I'm having a problem with my CV8Z, when I jump off the accelerator the idle speed drops too low and often cuts out. If it doesn't cut out the idle speed returns to normal after a few seconds. If I drop off gradually everything is OK. I can replicate this behavior with the engine off using an...
  3. F

    strange idle

    Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm kind of new here I have a series 1 vt v6 commodore, factory manual A few weeks ago I had genie extractors installed with a high flow cat and a 2 and a quarter inch catback exhaust, ever since then I've had a problem where when I put the clutch in...
  4. W

    VN New engine running badly

    okay so I got a VN series 2 engine and rebuilt it and everything in the engine bay. Everything on the engine and in the bay is brand new or remanufactured except for the Crank shaft conrods crank angle sensor tps sensor and the other sensor on the butterfly.. the two water temp sensors next...
  5. S

    Throttle position sensor ve ss. Check engine light

    My 08 ve ss check engine light comes on the car goes into energy active mode (power save). I have taken the car to 2 different mechanics ( not a holden dealership) and they have both said the code that comes up relates to the throttle position sensor (tps). By what i have read u cant change...
  6. H

    My error codes.

    Hi guys.. Just did the error code test on my vn because the idles are fluctuating really bad and sometimes it revs up then drops too low and stalls... anyway did the test and got code 13 (Oxygen Sensor) and 21 (Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) - Voltage Too High). Im fairly sure how to fix the o2...
  7. bogan_style

    VL Commodore RB30E- Car misses and runs rough.

    1987 Holden VL Commodore SL Automatic. My vl is running really rough, feels like it only runs on 4 cylinders and sounds like a subaru. It used to only do it once it had warmed up and when the engine was under load. In neutral it revs well and runs fine, but once u go to drive it runs like...
  8. M

    TPS issue driving me mad...

    Hi y'all, I've got a drama with my VT Olympic that is driving me completely mad. The gear changes are all off pretty much all the time - sometimes it will stick in a gear when it should be changing or it will change down when it shouldn't. It's also randomly throwing a TPS error and...