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  1. C

    why has no one does this?

    so i've been digging around for a while as i wanted to see how viable a commodore would be for me to build (specifically drift but can apply to any other Motorsport) so i have 2 things to discuss. 1st of all why the f**k has no one does an r154/ay5/mau5 conversion when they bolt directly to a...
  2. T


    So I have a vx v6 auto, I want to get it on the track but don't know where to start.. Any suggestions? It'll be a project car and won't be on the roads just the track, so I don't mind what goes in as long as I can get some speed behind the wheel. Cheers
  3. old mate

    diff gears but keep top end speed... v6 getrag

    g'day g'day, as i am planning to take the ute to the racetrack for some legal fun, i know its underpowered and underbraked but its the only was to have some fun and not go to jail these days, i've decided that before i go, a diff gear swap is in order, along with an lsd centre or mini spool...