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  1. Dechlan Tutty

    [VZ SV6] Aftermarket Transmission Cooler Install

    Hi everyone, A few weeks back I made a post asking about installing a transmission cooler on my SV6, and how to go about it. I finally got all the parts I needed and put it in the car on Tuesday. Right now it seems to be doing just fine with zero leaks and still getting up to temperature, so I...
  2. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] 5 Speed Auto Trans. Fluid Change

    Hi everyone, Been doing a couple of things to my VZ recently and was wondering if it would be too late to change the trans. fluid at 174,000 km? I bought the car at 161,000 and don't have any books pre-140,000 other than service stamps (no detailed descriptions of the services) so I'm unsure...
  3. J

    WK LS1 Caprice - Trans Cooler clarification

    G'day ladies and gents, Wanting to get a trans cooler for my 2003 WK Caprice with the LS1 - now I've got the PWR trans oil cooler in mind, but I've noticed some talk about towing packages for holdens of this model, and what they came with, along with a heap of confusion. my WK appears to have...
  4. Carguy440

    Will it work?

    will an auto trans from a vs 304 go into a vn 304? Asking for a friend needing an auto for his vn Calais
  5. Popey

    AlloyTec 5 speed trans. Removal

    Hey guys, Long story short I'm in the process of removing my trans from my Calais. I have undone most of the bell housing bolts along with all attachments (Tailshaft, Transcooler lines, Flex plate bolts, cross member ect) I'm wondering, is there a bolt right ontop of the bell housing, just...
  6. B

    Rough Idle in Reverse

    Hey guys, I took my VE SV6 (Auto 5spd) to a mechanic last week for a trans fluid and filter change, it was running perfect but just hit 165k so I thought it was due for a trans fluid change, the last one was at ~100k. Anyway, now it has a really rough idle in reverse, goes up to 700rpm...
  7. T

    help-trans cooler lines stuck!!

    Hi guys. I'm trying to swap out the 4l60e in my vr ute but the trans cooler lines at the box are tight as and I'm gonna round em off if i pull any harder on the spanner..... Any ideas how to get it loose without cutting? Please?
  8. D

    trans issue at same time engine flat spot over rev

    got a question as every mech says diff things need replacing 2 weeks ago driving my 99 vt wagon auto series 1 when i was stopped at lights took off just before second gear changed it reved a bit harder than usual then changed but did not do it again now it happens frequently but i plant...
  9. N

    Park Porblem

    Hi everyone, I've got a VX Series 2 S Auto. Every time I come back after a drive or decide to stop, when I put the car into Park, it makes a clunk snapping sound (it's hard to tell). It's really bothering me and some of my mates or have a VT and a VY don't have this problem. If anyone has a...
  10. R

    VP Commodore, missing, chewing fuel and coil packs?

    Okay i have a 92 Vp, 3.6 auto This tank has got close to 500k on the clock, i paid next to nothing for het, but she is pristine... I have had nothing but respect for the old girl and treat it like royalty trying to make it last untill my new commodores shipped here from home NZ, SO I...
  11. V

    Motor Swap VT LS1, Need help

    hey there i have recently swapped over my ls1 as it developed a knock, and now it wont start, not even try kicking over =*[ i labelled everything, undid electrical connectors, pulled out the trans with the motor. *note, the 2 plugs going into the trans gear selector were put in...
  12. S

    touched the battery and blew my trans?

    G'day guys, just wanted to share something with you that i'm kinda finding hard to comprehend, and potentially leaving me a good couple grand down as a result. It all started 3 days ago where i attempted to install a hands free kit into my car. It should be known that previous to this, i had...
  13. A

    auto trans problems

    hey guys i have a 94 VR SS and i have had the fault code 68 come up- slippage in auto trans does this mean re-build? whats happening is its not going into 3rd very smoothly and isnt going into 4th till im well over 80. i dont know alot about the car as i have had it less than a month and got it...
  14. H

    transmission gone need a replacement

    hello all , seems i bought a dud lol first the clutch in the fan went,then rear suspension **** itself (cracked when i bought it ) then the final drive decided to spit out a inner drive axle....thankfully fixed that with your guys help.now the trans is gone only have 1st and rev. now what i...
  15. N

    trans or tailshaft shuddering?

    i bought a car off a mate, we are both tryin to fix it up, while im trying to save for other expenses on it. back it the day, its was running fine until one night he had a full car and tryed to do a burnout, but dumped it to first from neutral while reving it. and ever since that when you...
  16. J

    VZ SV6 Transmission leak??

    My SV6 5 speed has been leaking something for the last few days. first off thought it was the water pump as coolant was low. Its a water like substanece with a reddish tinge seems to be coming from the front of the moter onto the sump on the passengers side. possibly aroudn the bottom pulley...
  17. P

    [NZ] Powerglide woes

    I am having an annoying, recurring problem with a pooglide I have put in my daily dirver. It is really weird, when the car is not running, and in any gear other than park, the driveshaft spins freely and doesn't drag. Start the horrible thing up, and the driveshaft locks up solid, and when you...
  18. DAVIDC

    Can vn parts go into a vr?(motor, trans, suspension)

    Hey, I've got a VN commodore as a First car as i am only 16, it has a 3inch exhaust with Extractors, Lowered 2inches with King Springs, limited slip diff and the motor is a Reco and goes very fast together with the HSV ECU put in the car. This is all good and well but i just bought a VR with...
  19. DAVIDC

    Can vn parts go into a vr?(motor, trans, suspension)

    Hey, I've got a VN commodore as a First car as i am only 16, it has a 3inch exhaust with Extractors, Lowered 2inches with King Springs, limited slip diff and the motor is a Reco and goes very fast together with the HSV ECU put in the car. This is all good and well but i just bought a VR with...
  20. E

    gearbox not changing gears

    hey all. i have a vs v6 and it seems like the gearbox is playing up recently when shifting form park to reverse and from neutral to reverse or drive, the gearbox seems to be clunking/jolting in quite hard, hard enough for me to notice its not really well ha. also doesnt seem to be shifting...
  21. S2_VR_

    [NSW] 5 Speed Conversion, AND LSD CENTRE

    hey guys.. i've decided to sell my 5 speed box and LSD centre. and a few other p[arts i will list soon... The 5 Speed was in a VP Executive it had 93,XXXkm, yes 93,XXXkm. The LSD Centre is out of a VR Berlina, but will fit any VN, VP, VR, VS. and other models but not sure which others...
  22. Beny

    vx auto trans in vs

    Hey everyone i have a vx l67 with a auto in the shed atm and am waiting to do a bit to the motor b4 i droped it in. the car its going into is a vs sedan.found out the other day that it wont fit diff trans from vt upwards there wider i think the guy said. I just read in a fourum then that you can...
  23. VRV6BT1

    fluid coolers, how to?

    Hey, I just purchased both a trans cooler and power steering cooler off ebay. I want to install the trans cooler in-line with the output of the cooler in the radiator. 1. Is there a kit I can buy to connect up to the standard connectors? 2. Does anyone know the best way to install it...