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  1. B

    VZ Alloytec Manual swap

    I was thinking about swapping the 4spd auto out of my 05 VZ wagon and changing it to a manual. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the VE LY7 3.6 trans will fit the VZ LEO engine without too many issues. Thanks guys
  2. F

    Help please!!!

    Hi everyone, so my 2009 ve sv6s transmission is playing up again, 5l40e but not the origional box as that failed a while ago also. The model code on the side of the origional is a 9ghk unsure on the current one but was completely different. just wondering a berlina 9hk will work as a...
  3. B


    Have a 1997 vs ute. 7hdd gearbox Have a 6hdd gearbox out of a 96 vs wagon Dropped the 7hdd gearbox out today and put the 6hdd in before the 6hdd gearbox went in it wouldnt rev over 2000rpm Would barely go forward, neutral was forward too and wouldn't go backwards at all So I swapped them...
  4. N

    Slave cylinder keeps bursting when I’m bleeding any ideas?

    Hey all, I’ve seized up my sv6 alloytec gearbox and got a new one from the wreckers. I recently got a new solid flywheel, heavy duty clutch, pressure plate and thrust bearing that came with the excedy kit that i used on my old gearbox, the reason why it seized was a transmission oil leak and...
  5. A

    Transmission noise

    Hi, I’ve just got a maloo and the transmission is making a weird flutter noise, whenever I put my foot down and it changes gears (auto) at high revs, as it changes gears it makes a weird flutter noise, I had the same noise on a vz v6 I used to own also and was told not to worry, I was wondering...
  6. YoungHoldenMan

    HELP! What transmission could/will fit a 07 ve sv6?

    My transmission has recently shat its self in my 2007 VE SV6 Holden. Ive been looking around for a M82 transmission (the type of gearbox currently in the car) and finding it hard to find one at a price I can afford. Just wondering if any other gearbox's would fit? like a 6 speed? Also, I'm...
  7. M

    MPS Stage 2 Shift kit (Auto)

    Hey, Wondering if anyone has come across this website/ organisation or have been through these guys https://www.mpskits.com.au/ $250 for MPS Stage 2 shift kit. Product and installation. Thoughts?
  8. R

    VT knock/rattle noise in drive

    Hey all I’ve dug deep within all the forums related to this issue couldn’t find any specific answers so thought to start a thread for any other owners with similar issues. It’s a 99 VT ecotec auto Ever since changing the trans fluid and filter the cars developed a really rough idle to the...
  9. L

    M82 transmission fail??

    Hi everyone, long time stalker first time poster. I have a 2007 VE Calais with the Ly7 and m82 (5l40e) transmission. I have had this annoying harsh "misfire" and figured it was the coils. (Had the same issue once before, diff car) Changed them all and it made zero difference. Thought it was...
  10. Statemnt

    06 wm statesman

    My stock gearbox on my 06 wm statesman is on it way out so I've been looking for a replacement. I really should be getting mine rebuilt so I won't have this problem again with heavy duty clutch plates but at the moment I can't afford to fork out the extra cash for it. I've found a used one...
  11. A

    Stage 2 shift kit?

    Ok a few years back I bought a '03 VY SS Ute (auto) off a family member, now apparently he had transmission issues (blew 2 of them) then he "upgraded" to a "stage 2 **** kit" that apparently set him back $2500, and didn't have any issues after that, what are these shift kits? Mechanical "heavy...
  12. S

    touched the battery and blew my trans?

    G'day guys, just wanted to share something with you that i'm kinda finding hard to comprehend, and potentially leaving me a good couple grand down as a result. It all started 3 days ago where i attempted to install a hands free kit into my car. It should be known that previous to this, i had...
  13. S

    auto - manual conversion

    hi i have a holden vy supercharged s pack i am looking at changing it from auto to manual as the supercharged model was never released with a manual option. i was wondering what i will need to do this and if anyone has an idea how much it will cost and if anyone knows of places in perth that...
  14. age1314

    Gear box? ...Transmission... DIFF?

    Ey peeps was driving last night and went to accelerate, all of a sudden hear this explosion type noise = loss of power, no reverse or drive.... had to get it towed back to my joint , engine starts up fine but can hear a Klunking noise.... any thoughts of wat it possibly could be?
  15. vscom88

    loss of revs/power in VS

    i was cruisin down the highway the other day and gave the car a good push to see what its got. i turned the corner pretty hard spinning the wheels and the car just feels like its not revving as high. the loud exhaust has pretty much silenced it self nearly and the car slowly makes its way to 100...