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transmission auto

  1. L

    Holden Ve Transmission Fault Code P0827

    Hey everyone i'm looking for more information about the fault code p0827. I found some website that has a rough explanation it said it has something to do with the upshift downsift switch or circuit but thats really all and i can't find anything exactly related to a VE commodore. I'm new to VE's...
  2. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] Transmission Cooler Line & Fitting Sizes/Types

    Hi everyone, Looking at installing a cooler on my car when I do a transmission fluid (& filter) change. What type of fittings/lines do I need to install the cooler in-line (after the radiator cooler tank thing)? Also, how do I go about it? Do I have to cut the 'out' oil line from the radiator...
  3. Ross Wonderley

    DOD (Displacement On Demand) system in NSW Highway Patrol Cars

    Hi all, I have a VF SS series 1 sedan with the L77 engine that in a former life was a NSW highway patrol car (verified by front page in the logbook, as well as minor holes in trim and bodywork and stuff like that). I'm aware of the upsides and downsides of this, however mine has been trouble...
  4. C

    radiator replacement gone wrong, trans lines threaded.........HELP!

    first post so dont be too hard on me hahaha ive just replaced the radiator in my 2004 vy commodore no issues installing the actual radiator but when i did the initial startup i noticed a transmission fluid leak so decided to undo and try to refit it and i think ive threaded the bottom trans...
  5. B

    VF Series II 2017 SV6 Transmission Problem

    Purchased new VF Ute mid 2017. Torque convertor failed at 2000km and replaced. Noticed at 16,000km reverse gear slipping and have been told auto transmission requires replacing. Have been told Holden do not have a new transmission and I will have to have a reconditioned one installed. They have...
  6. K

    [NZ] Help??

    Just a quick question and I apologise if this is in the wrong area... I have a 97 Toyota Hiace with a Series 1 3.8 V6 with a 4 sod auto behind it. Runs into an AU diff (shhhh...it’s a F***) I keep blowing up the trans and not because of burnouts or towing heavy loads. They seem to deteriorate...
  7. Maximus117

    Help with few things....

    Hey guys, new to this forum after picking up 2014 VF Commodore SV6 from pickles earlier this week. Noticed few things which I would love your expert opinion. 1. On first day, I noticed auto transmission to shudder slightly when gears going down. e.g. slowing down to stop at signals. This...
  8. C

    transmission slipping out of gear

    My ve auto is slipping out of gear roughly every km,when i stop and turn the ignition off and start it back up it will engage and drive another km or 2 then slip out again. The mechanic couldnt pick up any codes on their computer.
  9. A

    95 vs commodore ?

    Hi guys, im new here i have a 95 vs commodore ute dual fuel petrol and gas, and in the last few days its been playing up a little. to start with its really hard to start. it will wind over and over again ( does not sound like flat battery or anything like that ) after about 3 attempts it...
  10. H

    Help please :)

    Hi There, Have been everywhere trying to find an answer but nothing yet. I have a VT, all stock, 1999. Just a runabout to and from work. Has an automatic transmission. In the 2 high gears, at low revs, there is a low pitched hum or growl and a slight vibration coming from the...
  11. TheCommMan

    VE SII 2011 Auto Trans slow to get into Drive

    Hi All, Just need your advice before I contact Holden. In the mornings (or when the car hasn't been driven for a while) say I reverse out of driveway, then put it into Drive, there's a small delay before it clicks in. Is this normal on a VE? (none of my other commodores did this, they...
  12. B

    VZ Trans issues - check powertrain

    Hi all - I've gone through all the threads and haven't found anything that matches these symptoms (although a lot were close). I'm by no means a mechanic, but have a basic understanding of most maintenance parts on the car. Driving VZ V6 Crewman (4 speed auto) home last night and at low...
  13. C

    power transmission warning VZ 2006

    Hi everyone, I hope I posted this in the correct place. Also hope everyone has a happy new year. For a while now I have noticed that when my car (automatic 2006 sedan SVZ) accelerates up hills at about 80+kmph-->100ish it kind of ticks(looses power for 0.25second). This goes away as soon...
  14. R

    VR Transmission fault & flat spot! Urgent need help!

    Hey guys, im having a few problems with my VR at the moment. I'm a 1st year apprentice mechanic so obviously i don't know everything there is about engines just yet. I do know the basics though.. Anyway the problems are, 1) I've got a flat spot just as i go to take off or when i rev it...
  15. E

    Headlights cause car to loose 4th gear

    Ive been having some weird electrical problems like slipping and struggling changing gears and then when I was on my way home the other night I lost 4th and had to drive home in 3rd but if I turn off the car and turn back on its back for a little bit and then just drops out but then driving...
  16. M

    V8 Auto issues?

    Hi, I'm having issues in my 08 VE SS with the auto trans. After coming to a stop the check engine light would come on and the trans selector on the dash would read P even though the trans is in drive and won't shift out of gear even on auto select. After turning the car off for a few minutes...
  17. A

    2010 VE SSV DIFF FORSALE, pick only

    6spd auto + rear end 2010 model SSV, has about 40000km in great condition. PICK UP ONLY. anyone interested? make a reasonable offer.
  18. vscom88

    VS Transmission Mount ( AUTO )

    Hey, I've just put a VT engine in my VS wagon and have done the necessary work to make it suit vs, now while trying to mount the tranmission up i stumbled across a problem. I actually cannot get the mount to line up with the black plate underneath it ? it's a few mm off here n there with leway...
  19. M

    VT for sale which needs new trans???

    A Guy has approached me wanting to buy my 1997 vt acclaim sedan, he is fully aware that it needs a new trans and the paint work is starting to fade. i am just wondering what would be a fair price to sell it for???
  20. H

    99 VT Berlina - Replacing Transmission fluid

    Hi, I recently sprung a leak in my auto trans system and once I realised this was the issue my system was completely empty. Now I need to fill it back up but I'm not sure of the capacity of the system, seeing as I don't have the books for the car, coul anyone tell me the volume? Cheers...
  21. M

    [QLD] What is 'le90' oil? Should it be used for a holden transmission?

    Hey, Im just wondering what is 'le90' oil? and should it at all be used in a holden transmission? (VZ Calais 5sp Auto) If it shouldnt, why? what would it do? This is a silly sort of question to ask its just i have recently had my transmission serviced and this is the oil the guy put in it and...
  22. M

    Vz calais v6 auto transmission problems!!!!

    Hey I own a vz calais v6 auto and I have recently had a transmission service done on it. There was a major difference after I got it done, I mean it drove alot better, changed into gear alot smoother and had alot more power. It has only been 2 weeks and now something is wrong and i have no idea...
  23. R

    95 VS V6 auto Transmission help

    Hello All. Wife called me up last week to say that there was some strange noises coming from the car, so she dropped into a mechanic who said that the gearbox is gone, and that it would be better to get a replacement box. Driving it I could hear a very loud grinding in first gear that gets...
  24. B

    Transmisssion issues!

    We have a VS Commodore which all of a sudden decided to stay in Drive BUT sometimes all of a sudden it will work properly, and the engine managment will go off. We can go a day or two as normal then all of a sudden it goes back to Limp Mode. Then when it goes into limp mode, if your are at speed...
  25. D

    how much should i be asking for a vk efi 202 3.3L and transmission good price?

    have a vk efi 202 3.3L engine and auto transmission done 250.000 ks new dizzy cap leads spark plugs running good when taken out last weekend.. and not sure a good price and dont wanna get ripped off or rip any one else off either feed back would be good
  26. J

    vs stroker rebuild please help

    THE PLAN ok guys im planning on building my vs 3.8 ecotec into a stage 4 stroker kit full forged rated for 20 psi boost (Hcons, forge dimond pistns 30 thou os, and all that). as of current situations i will not be t/c or s/c due to money but definatly building it to be bullet proof. its...
  27. W

    Transmission send line VT 5.0

    Hi everyone, love the forum, this is my first post. I'm wanting to do a full trans flush on my VT Calais 5.0 but can't find the send line from the trans to the radiator. Can anyone give me an idea of where to find it? Thanks!
  28. D

    vt commodore transmision wont select first gear

    hi there guys, firstly just want to say that i have been using this site for quite a while now and must say very usefull so thanks to everyone who posts in here. Ok so my mate has a vt v6 auto about 190ks on it now, has just recently decided to not want to select first gear anymore, at around...
  29. R

    VS Auto Transmission Problem with Faults 22, 73, 76?

    Hi, my VS auto transmission started acting weird yesterday on a long drive home, first noticed the yellow drive train light flick on after clicking out of cruise control at 120km/h, then seemed OK for another hour on highway at speed until I had to stop at lights... car was idling higher than...
  30. R

    VE SSV Transmission - Reprogramming to mod Active Select?

    Has anybody found someone who can reprogram the 6spd auto in an AFM SSV Sportwagon? I have two things I would like to change.... 1: Add a "2nd gear start" setting. Just like in my Landcruiser, I would like to push a button and have 1st gear ignored while the button stays depressed. 1st...
  31. D

    [VIC] S/E Vr Motor And Transmission

    Vr Motor And Transmission ITEM: General Item Description LOCATION: Victoria S/E CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make An Offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: PICK UP PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: I have a Vr Engine And a Transmission up for sale, and car comes with...
  32. F

    VS auto transmission car skipping

    hi i have a 95 VS commodore my car is missing (doesn't run well) when the car is in gear (eg D) and you put the brakes on or if you let the brakes off and just rolls along. The car runs well if your driving or it's in Park i think it's a transmission problem. and i just replaced spark plugs and...