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  1. Dechlan Tutty

    [VZ SV6] Aftermarket Transmission Cooler Install

    Hi everyone, A few weeks back I made a post asking about installing a transmission cooler on my SV6, and how to go about it. I finally got all the parts I needed and put it in the car on Tuesday. Right now it seems to be doing just fine with zero leaks and still getting up to temperature, so I...
  2. J

    Tramsmission Oil Cooler pipes and fittings

    Hi. New here and could only find a couple of really old threads on this, so posting this one. I had to replace the radiator in my VX Berlina (2001 model). This radiator has dual built-in oil coolers. Does anybody know of a place that sells hoses/pipes for both the in and out lines as well as...
  3. B

    4L60E transmission no drive in 4th gear

    I've got a 4L60E transmission behind a 355 stroker (original VT SS 5.0L) that was running fine, but now I have an issue where I can't get any drive in 4th gear. I can accelerate through 1st, 2nd and 3rd to 100km/h, as soon as i back off, my revs drop back to idle as if the box is neutralising...
  4. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] 5 Speed Auto Trans. Fluid Change

    Hi everyone, Been doing a couple of things to my VZ recently and was wondering if it would be too late to change the trans. fluid at 174,000 km? I bought the car at 161,000 and don't have any books pre-140,000 other than service stamps (no detailed descriptions of the services) so I'm unsure...
  5. J

    Transmission slip. Camshaft code P0016 and P0018

    Hey there guys and gals I am needing some advice on an issue with my 2007 VE commodore engine number LE0072820012. Ok so the issue is what I think is the transmission but I want to make sure before spending that kind of money that it's not an issue which can be brought on by a camshaft sensor...
  6. M

    VE Calais 6.0L transmission issues

    Hey guys, just purchased a 2006 v8 VE Calais off someone privately a few weeks ago and since purchase have had it checked and have been listed many different issues with the car, some which I have been slowly knocking off the list. One issue I am unsure about and have been researching about has...
  7. M

    4l60e better shifting

    Hi all, I was talking to a transmission specialist today and we were talking about shift kits for the 4l60e and he mentioned that you can adjust your force motor screw around 1/4 of a turn and it will raise line pressure and improve shifting. Well anyway I've got another transmission sitting...
  8. MiKExAUS

    Suspected flex-plate noise LS1

    Hi Guys, Long time no post.. Wondering if the LS1 A4 experts would care to give me their opinion. Got a rattle heard best from underneath the car near the trans bellhousing as seen in video. Here's the link: Can anyone confirm my suspicions? I always thought I had a bit of lifter tick that...
  9. S

    Holden VS V8 transmission cooler lines

    Hi I'm hoping someone could help me. I got a Holden VS 5L Series 1 and as you know series 1 has different transmission cooler lines than the series 2. My ones are pushed on and have clamps from the radiator to oil lines. Just like a radiator hose setup. Series 2 have the hoses screwed together...
  10. H

    Vs ss v8 trans oil

    I have removed and had my radiator repeared in my v8 vs ss, the entire radiator was drained, when i put the radiator back in is there anything special that i have to do for the trans oil? There is no obvious pump and the only trans fluid that was removed was out of the radiator. Also wondwring...
  11. Fergie

    What is the easy way to refill the auto transmission, SSV VF s1?

    I've read lots on this, I have done 140K km and time to change the fluid, my question is, what is the easy way to get the fluid back in the transmission? I was thinking to pump through a hose connector that screws in to the drain plug then follow the level check, then remove the connector. If...
  12. J

    WK LS1 Caprice - Trans Cooler clarification

    G'day ladies and gents, Wanting to get a trans cooler for my 2003 WK Caprice with the LS1 - now I've got the PWR trans oil cooler in mind, but I've noticed some talk about towing packages for holdens of this model, and what they came with, along with a heap of confusion. my WK appears to have...
  13. DrHelpMe

    Blowing engine fuse when shifting to drive

    Recently my v6 ve commodore stalled as I was pulling up to the lights and wouldn't start, after we got it home and figured out the F39-10a IGN engine fuse was blown we changed it and she started fine I shifted into reverse got out the driveway put her in drive and she goes again fuse blown...
  14. C

    VE commodore stutters in 4th gear..

    My 2008 VE has been playing up a bit in 4th gear. Other than the stutter in 4th gear it runs great. When I lightly accelerate to bring my speed up in 4th gear, my car jerk and sputters as if its struggling to change gear. ATM I am putting my foot down the bit extra to kick it down into 3rd gear...
  15. Brenton308

    VE Commodore 9hdd transmission

    Hello everyone! I have a 2008 VE Berlina wagon with the 9hdd auto. I'm having issues with the torque converter slip solenoid not allowing it to slip bla bla bla. My question is what is the difference between the 9hdd auto and the other 4speed autos in the VE series 1 range? Why can't I just use...
  16. Filthy Mex

    3.8 VP Motor/Trans Rattle

    Hey guys. Needing some help diagnosing a rattle. So I own series 2 vp exec 3.8 auto and for about 2 weeks there's been this rattle at the back of the motor that started out small but has got real bad recently and I cant quite pick what it is. To top things off last night after work my trans...
  17. J

    Transmission stays in top gear

    Hi, I have just bought a 2005 WL Statesman 6 cylinder. The previous owner has told me it recently started playing up with the ESP turning itself off or activating at random times like activating the brakes and kicking down gears etc. then it would lock itself in top gear (not sure if 4th or...
  18. A

    Question RE: About to buy VE Calais 6.0L Wagon

    Hi all, First time poster so please excuse if not asking in the appropriate section or if there are existing threads relating to my questions. As the title indicates I am interested in purchasing a 2010 VE Calais 6.0L Wagon with 270,xxxkm on the odo - The vehicle has a good service history...
  19. J

    4l60e no 1st and 4th gear

    So I recently did a gearbox change in my vx calias 5.7 and when Ive turned accessories on I heard a shorting out sound, all the fuses were fine so I didn't think anything of it. So I went to take the car for a drive and when I started the car t the check engine light came on and I noticed I...
  20. MiKExAUS

    4sp auto trans mated to ls1 enquiry

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone can shed some light on the topic. Cruising in "D" at low speed - maybe 60/70 light throttle ...start going up a small hill, auto feels like it shifts down slightly (revs increase) but then if I put the selector into "3" the revs go up even more - so it's like it...
  21. L

    VY Auto Trans rattly

    Hi All. My son's VY auto has developed a loud rattle which seems to be coming from the bottom of the transmission front, around the flex-plate area. Is there any way of checking the flex-plate and torque converter bolts without removing the trans? It sounds like a nut or a bolt rattling around...
  22. J

    5L40E service issues.

    Today I decided to take on the transmission service as the car is approaching 150,000km. A while back I needed to replace the radiator and upon doing so i noticed the fluid coming from the transmission was a dark/cloudy black colour and assumed the fluid will need changing soon. So today i’ve...
  23. J

    Vy Auto Trassmission revving out between 2nd and 3rd

    Just wondering if anyone can help me, I have a Vy v6 wagon. When I pull my battery terminals and put them back on my transmission revs out hard when changing between 2nd and 3rd gear . Usually after a couple of days it settles down but this time it’s not. Not sure if I need a new...
  24. Popey

    AlloyTec 5 speed trans. Removal

    Hey guys, Long story short I'm in the process of removing my trans from my Calais. I have undone most of the bell housing bolts along with all attachments (Tailshaft, Transcooler lines, Flex plate bolts, cross member ect) I'm wondering, is there a bolt right ontop of the bell housing, just...
  25. J

    Vs statesman transmission slip

    Hi everyone. I have a 96 vs supercharged statesman and recently I've noticed my trans is slipping when I give the car a bit and it sound like grinding when I'm in reverse. I checked all fluids etc. In short, I ended up changing the trans out for a good recon unit but I'm still getting slippage...
  26. F

    Radiator replacement (single vs dual cooler)

    Hey mates and good evening, I will have to replace the radiator on my Holden Commodore VX Calais 2001, V6 (automatic). The former radiator has as dual transmission Oil cooler, meaning the transmission Oil will run through the radiator twice. I do have a same size VT - radiator on hand that I...
  27. AmyJayne

    VT help please!!!!

    So I have an auto VT. Yesterday I was driving it and it was fine. Stopped at a friend's, turned it off, started it again about 10mins later and started driving... all of a sudden it is shuddering and feeling like it's about to stall even though doing 60. Went round the block and back to my...
  28. T

    VL turbo gearbox.. N/A or Turbo, pics attached.

    Gday fellas, In the pics attached, is this a n/a or turbo box? how to tell?
  29. M

    Transmission code for a series III VS Ute

    Hi everyone, I was wanting to know what transmission code a VS III ute (VT eco running gear) will have? Would also love it if someone here has one or knows someone who is looking to sell. I'm located in Ballarat but depending on where, I can travel. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  30. T

    Rough Idle after head gasket replacement

    Hi Folks, Just wanna say thanks for all the posts that have helped me up to this point, I always seem to find the answer to my questions through a post or two on here. Now, to the point: My head gasket failed after issues with a leaking radiator, there was no milky oil but I found...
  31. R

    Transmission Problem

    Hello just seeking some general direction. My VX v6 auto transmission has began making its changes at about 2600 rpm. Obviously high. Driving in 60 k zone, I cant get out of second gear, or im speeding. Also have a high idle issue. Done a fault code test and it pointed to the throttle...
  32. M

    Need all compatible gearbox models/numbers for my 95 VS V6 Ecotech Commodore

    The auto gearbox in my VS needs to be replaced as it has stopped working entirely. I want buy the part myself but I need to know WHICH GEARBOX IS COMPATIBLE WITH MY CAR. The car is a 95 VS V6 Ecotech Commodore. The compliance plate indicates that it was factory fitted with an M30...
  33. R

    1999 VT Commodore Tranny Issue

    Hi All, I have an issue with my 1999 VT Acclaim 3.9L V6 295000 on the clock. The problem exists only after the tranny oil warms up and I lose O/D(4th) Gear and don't get it back until i turn the car off and start it again. Everything feels and sounds like it's working as it should apart from...
  34. TRAV84

    2001 VXII Commodore driving sluggish & revs too high after mechanical work

    The car in question: 2001 VXII V6 Lumina at 190,000km Ok, so after spending almost $2000 getting all the problems fixed on my car, I have a new major one. Firstly, it's had a general service, new tyres, new brakes, tie rod ends, centre bearing, rack boots, bushes, suspension repairs, etc etc...
  35. Z

    VR V6 tranny compatibility,

    Hi guys im looking to find out if a vn v6 transmission would fit into a '93 vr v6. I've just bought the vn transmission, just want to confirm they fit before i put this one in.
  36. H

    Transmission stopped working - VZ Calais

    Hi guys, This is my first post as I've just got my hands on a VZ Calais and need some help getting it going. It's a 2005 model 5 Speed model. After getting a new battery and getting it turned on and what not, I drove the car for perhaps 500 meters before stopping at a set of lights. After...
  37. J

    How to identify VE Sportswagon Transmission

    Hi guys, I am wondering how can you actually confirm with a 2010 VE Sportswagon Series 2 what the actual transmission is whether it is 4 speed or 6 speed? And which is better? Going to look at one later today. Cheers.
  38. V

    Engine and Transmission removal from the car

    Hi Guys, Is t it possible to remove both of them together? And install together of course. I just have more confidence in torqueing up all the bolts on the bench, then in the engine bay. Have you done it? Thanks for your help.
  39. J

    Transmission change?

    I'm wanting to change my automatic 2000 series II V6 VT commodore over to a manual transmission. My question is, is it possible to fit a manual transmission out of a 2001 V6 VX and what would be needed?
  40. Nessie1996

    2HFD (4L60E) Gearbox - Mystery tabs/lugs?

    G'day fellas! I've got a VXII transmission (2HFD 4L60E) and it has 2 mystery tabs (drilled out about 14mm maybe). There's one on each side of the box, one just near the filler-tube and the other symmetrical on the other side of the box. They appear to be totally useless, anyone know what...