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  1. 1

    VU / VY ute tray / sailplane drain tubes

    A while ago I had a black tube drop out from underneath the tray. At the time I put it behind the seat and forgot about it. Recently I have had some water leaks in the cab and and tray so I have done some investigation. One drain tube was detached and the other was still behind the seat. I...
  2. W

    Hard Lid wiring help needed!

    Hi there peeps. Just recently purchased my first ute so I'm not familiar around it that much. I have been trying to locate the socket for the tray light but can't seem to find it. I'm wondering if the black rectangle piece of metal with the bolt is where the cable use to come out from?
  3. Fu Manchu

    Custom VZ Crewman Ute Tray

    Found this video that might help someone doing their own tray on a Tonner or Crewman. Part 1 Custom UTE tray for Holden Crewman Part 1 Part 2 Custom UTE Tray Holden Crewman Part 2 Part 3 Custom UTE Tray Holden Crewman Part 3
  4. Vxcalaisv8

    UTE owners. What are your tray setups like?

    I just bought my first ute. A 2006 VZ SS Thunder with a tub liner and hard lid. I'm new to this and would like to know how everyone has their tray set up and preferences. I have a tub liner with a couple of black 25L tubs secured with some hook elastic straps to chuck bags/small items in so they...
  5. G

    Vy ss crewman tray

    Hi i have been looking everywere and cant find what im looking for. I wanted to know how much i could sell a 04 ss crewman tray for there doesnt seem to be anything like that for sale anywere. Thanks,
  6. L

    Steering wheel controls

    Hey guys. I have the original stereo and i would like to up guard, possibly to a stereo/gps.. Will most of them work with the original buttons in the steering wheel? Recommendations on good units? And where can i find a tray for the back of 2003 commodore ute? Oh and best place to buy rims?
  7. D

    VY Ute towbar

    Just about to reinstall the towbar to my ute (came with the ute when I bought it, was just never installed) Anyway I just wanted to make sure that this is right, there are predrilled holes dirrectly into the tray, I'm guessing that it just bolts into that underneith??.. I havent yet had a...
  8. WoodChoppa

    Wanted: Advice for Building Custom Utility/Storage Box into VR Ute Tray

    Hey I'm looking at building a lockable storage box into the plastic tough-deck tray liner of my '94 VR S-Pac Ute. I want to be able to lock a bit of gear up on the tray, but because my ute has a fibreglass sail, as you can see in my profile picture, a hard tonneau cover is not an option. I've...